ETHC 210 Quiz Inheritance

ETHC 210 Quiz Inheritance and Human Health

Covers the Learn material from Module 3: Week 3.

  1. A dominant allele masks the expression of a recessive allele.
  2. In complete dominance;
  3. A parent who carries a disease gene always shows symptoms of the disease.
  4. Abraham Lincoln was thought to have Marfan syndrome, which of the following are true about this condition
  5. Because Huntington’s disease is so deadly most people alive who have it are children.
  6. A phenotype is the trait that you see or can observe.
  7. Which of the following is true about Huntington’s disease.
  8. Every phenotype, the trait that you observe, is caused by the combination of two alleles or the genotype, so for example, brown eye color is a phenotype which can be produced by a dominant allele (B) such that the genotype for brown eye color could be Bb or BB.
  9. Mendel discovered that genes come in two pieces called;
  10. The ABO blood group alleles found in the human population are an example of;
  11. Using and understanding pedigrees are important today because they help families identify the risk of transmitting an inherited disease
  12. Mitochondrial genes are primarily transferred from fathers to their children.
  13. Achondroplastic dwarfism is considered a lethal genetic syndrome because;
  14. Genetic disease based on altered genes is caused by either “loss of function” or “gain of function” which causes the disease and its symptoms. Cystic Fibrosis involves a defective anion channel. This would be classified as:
  15. Since osteogenesis imperfecta can be the result of single gene defects in a number of different genes (genetic heterogeneity) parents who carry the defect in different genes from their partner can produce a child with this syndrome.
  16. According to widely accepted modern evolutionary ideas mitochondria originated in cells according to;
  17. A Punnet square follows transmission of alleles and is based on probability.
  18. The “A” and “B” alleles in the ABO blood group are recessive to blood type “O.”
  19. The Mitochondrial Eve theory is a theory about:
  20. Amyloid plaques are the suspected cause of Alzheimer disease.
  21. What percent of cases of Alzheimer disease are familial (inherited)?
  22. The bodies of the Royal Romanovs, the ruling family of Russia in the early 1900s were exhumed in the 1990s and their DNA was sequenced. Geneticists found a variation in the mitochondrial DNA sequence among the royal family members. The variation was explained by the phenomena of:
  23. The OCA2 gene confers eye color such that the recessive condition (two recessive alleles) results in:
  24. A single gene OCA2 on chromosome 15 confers eye color by controlling melanin synthesis. But also a second gene can influence the expression of OCA2.
  25. Austrian monk Gregor Mendel primarily worked with what kind of organisms to do his genetic work?
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