ETHC 210 Quiz Epigenetics

ETHC 210 Quiz Epigenetics and Human Thriving

Covers the Learn material from Module 4: Week 4.

  1. Melanocytes contribute to skin color;
  2. Which of the following hunger response hormones decreases appetite but increases digestion?
  3. More than 100 genes affect pigmentation in skin hair and irises.
  4. Epigenetics plays a role in controlling weight gain as shown in experiments with genetically determined obese mice. Obese female mice were able to decrease obesity in their offspring by eating a diet rich in
  5. A mutation in the LDL receptor gene can cause a dramatic rise in serum cholesterol.
  6. A biblical view of race shows that all races are equal because they are all of one blood in Adam.
  7. Which of the following hunger response hormones increases appetite?
  8. This famous discoverer of the DNA structure made racist comments in the 1990s based on the idea that certain people groups were biologically inferior.
  9. For treatment of heart disease statin drugs are used to;
  10. Which of the following genes can influence heart health?
  11. Simple mendelian single gene genetics explains skin color.
  12. At the chromosome levels males are homogametic.
  13. Genomic imprinting has implications for understanding early human development. It suggests that for mammals, two opposite sex parents are necessary to produce a healthy embryo and placenta.
  14. Considering color detection humans are classified as (hint: How many primary colors can we see)?
  15. In the U.S. the “sex ratio” of males to females drops significantly from birth to age 65.
  16. In mother’s who are carriers for colorblindness even though they are not color blind some of their individual eye cone cells can express the trait. Also in female Calico cats the genes which produce color are found on the X chromosome and each hair cell expresses one X allele or the other giving rise to a random pattern of color in their fur. In both cases this is an example of:
  17. Which of the following is true about the “X” and “Y” chromosomes?
  18. Even though Mendel’s laws are very helpful to understanding genetics, simple mendelian genetics does not explain well most of genetics because;
  19. Body weight is controlled primarily by one gene.
  20. A color blind father married to a non-color blind mom (non-carrier of colorblindness) can produce a color blind son.
  21. Which of the following is true of a mother who is a heterozygote for an X-linked recessive trait.
  22. Which of the following is true about homosexuality?
  23. Which of the following is true about the rare condition of males who are XX and females who are XY:
  24. Biologically gender is determined genetically at;
  25. Daughters can inherit sex linked recessive disease if:
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