ENGL 205 Reading Quiz 4

ENGL 205 Reading Quiz 4 Regent

  1. Pangloss is one of the few characters in the book who really dies (and never shows up alive again).
  2. Candide believes Pangloss’ teaching that they’re living the best of all possible worlds.
  3. The poet in the “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard” stages his reflection on mortality in the early morning.
  4. According to the Whiteboard presentation on the Enlightenment, that period was marked by skepticism regarding human progress guided by reason.
  5. When Candide is finally reunited with Cunegonde, he realizes he doesn’t really want her anymore.
  6. Candide is so happy in El Dorado that he doesn’t want to leave until he’s forced to.
  7. The narrator in Gray’s “Elegy in a Country Churchyard” asserts that the “paths of glory” end in heaven.
  8. The Wall Street Journalabout Gray’s “Elegy” points out how many of the poem’s lines became familiar phrases in the decades that followed its writing.
  9. Candide leaves the Baron’s castle because he wants to join the army.
  10. In the Epitath of Gray’s “Elegy, the youth returns to His Father and His God.
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