THEO 650 Discussion 3

THEO 650 Discussion 3 Liberty

David Platt discusses modern slavery and the sex trade in Chapter five of Counter Culture.  Post an initial thread that considers his biblical arguments against slavery and human trafficking. Your post should discuss  the scriptures he uses to  defend human dignity and equality. Platt gives serious consideration to the fact that the Gospel offers the best means of fighting slavery. In your initial thread mention at least two Christian ministries to victims of human trafficking (use Google to find several). Discuss at least two things each ministry is doing and how it fits with the biblical truths that Platt highlights. Mention at least two ways that your church might be encouraged to become invovled in this kind of ministry.  Your post should be at least 400 words and is due by 11:59 PM Thursday eveing of Week Five/Module Five.  Respond to at least two others by Sunday evening of Week Five/Module Five.

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