THEO 650 Exam 4

THEO 650 Exam 4 Liberty University

  1. Which of the following best describes the church’s obligation to the poor according to McQuilkin and Copan.
  2. Stealing may include such things as stealing someone’s  reputation, or idea theft (plagiarism), and even  time theft  as well as direct property theft.
  3. The teaching that if we love Jesus and exercise faith, we are guaranteed a financially prosperous lifestyle is
  4. The intent of the First Amendment to the US Constitution was to
  5. While church and state are separate, faith is not to be separated from public life.
  6. Christians must be busy about working to alleviate poverty in the world because
  7. The prohibition of stealing in the Old Testament recognizes the right of
  8. The commandment “Thou shalt not bear false witness” refers to
  9. If someone says that homosexual activity is wrong or sinful, they may be called intolerant or bigtoted or hateful.
  10. Many people today equate the freedom of religion and the “freedom to worship.”
  11. Most people around the world associate the word “rich” with people who live like most middle class Americans.
  12. The prohibition against stealing creates a mutual responsibility on the part of workers and management:
  13. The church’s mission to care for the poor is best expressed as follows:
  14. Engaging in deception is morally right under circumstances where lives are at stake (as in Nazi Germany), or where criminal acts will be prevented.
  15. Eternal play—no work at all-it the ultimate ideal of the Bible, and God’s will for us.
  16. If taxes are used for immoral or unjust purposes
  17. McQuilkin and Copan may best be characterized as follows in the matter of capitalism and socialism:
  18. The idea of a “return to a Christian America” is characterized by McQuilken and Copan as
  19. We must not profess faith in Christ and then do nothing—“loving” the poor, while living in unabated luxury, for that compromises the credibility of our profession.
  20. David Platt points out that if God does not violate the religious freedom of man, then surely government shouldn’t either.
  21. On matters of economic and social justice the Bible teaches that
  22. God opposes taking advantage of the vulnerable, and therefore cannot sanction unfair treatment of employees.
  23. While advocates of capitalism dominate American Evangelical thought, advocates of socialism dominate evangelical though in most of the rest of the world.
  24. Taxation violates the Eighth Commandment
  25. No Christian parent should ever choose public schools over private Christian schools or homeschooling.
  26. Scripture makes no demands on management—their decisions are to be always regarded as just
  27. God has a special concern for the poor, needy and vulnerable in society.
  28. Civil religion is best defined as
  29. Israel’s treatment of conquered peoples, though it included the possibility of slavery, was tempered by the command to love the stranger in the land.
  30. When considering those situations where deception is allowed the relevant matters are
  31. Write an essay of at least 150 words on the matter of “bearing false witness”.  Describe what this is, what it isn’t, and why it is important for Christians.  In your essay, focus on how ministers, while in the pulpit, might engage in deception, and how they can avoid it.
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