ENGL 103 Exam 2

ENGL 103 Exam 2 Liberty University

  1. Listener-centered oral presentations are equivalent to reader-centered written communications.
  2. Since visual design of résumés is so important, which of the following is recommended?
  3. Since you may send out many job application letters, it is best to use a well-written letter that you may send to all prospective employers.
  4. Proposals address problems, offer solutions, but should never discuss costs.
  5. Formal proposals or reports often include transmittal letters or memos.
  6. Despite its name, back matter is placed at the beginning of reports.
  7. When displaying slides during a presentation, do each of the following except
  8. To help your listeners follow the structure of your presentation, do each of the following except
  9. While oral presentations may help advance your career, they are rarely used in obtaining your first job.
  10. Back matter includes which of the following?
  11. The reward for an effective résumé and job application letter is hopefully
  12. Your professional portfolio may include work samples from courses, internships, co-ops, and volunteer projects.
  13. The title page of reports and proposals shows the title only.
  14. A schedule chart is often included in proposals to show if a schedule is reasonable and sound.
  15. While formal reports are written to employees in your own organization, proposals are written only to other organizations.
  16. Which of the following is notcited as a job application document?
  17. Since executive summaries are for executives, they must contain more information than the rest of the report or proposal.
  18. Proposals and reports often have front matter that includes each of the following except
  19. Most oral presentations limit major points to
  20. Which of the following is nota major element of a proposal?
  21. Proposals may be either solicited (asked to be submitted) or unsolicited (submitted on your own initiative).
  22. Defining your presentation’s objectives includes determining what will make the presentation usable and persuasive and where you can obtain speech training.
  23. To maintain a professional demeanor and appear better informed, speakers should seek to avoid eye contact with listeners.
  24. Who would notbe a good reference to list in your résumé?
  25. Which of the following is a form of oral delivery?
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