ENGL 103 Exam 1

ENGL 103 Exam 1 Liberty University

  1. Teams that write collaboratively sometimes hold their work sessions entirely online, never meeting in person.
  2. The text advises that technical writers should
  3. In short documents such as letters, your main point should generally be stated
  4. Many states have passed laws requiring “plain English” in government publications.
  5. In technical writing, headings help readers unlessthere is a major shift in topic.
  6. The text points out two essential qualities of effective writing.  Which of the following is notone of these two?
  7. Professional e-mails should include each of the following except
  8. Unlike workplace writing, most school writing is intended to help you learn and to demonstrate your mastery of course material.
  9. Writing enthusiastically may influence your reader’s enthusiasm.
  10. The main advice of our textbook is which of the following?
  11. To enhance your professional reputation, the textbook recommends using expressions such as “Enclosed please find” and “As per your request.”
  12. While school writing has moral-ethical consideration, such as plagiarism, workplace writing has many fewer moral-ethical considerations.
  13. Which of the following is considered a “fancy verb” to avoid?
  14. Your text advises that after your last point, you should
  15. APA in-text citations include author’s last name, date of publication, and page number if citing a specific page.
  16. Teamwork skills were important in the mid-1900s but are becoming less important today.
  17. Which of the following is nota way to treat team members with respect?
  18. Which of the following should be avoided as sexist?
  19. Workplace writing is synonymous with (the same as) writing learned in school.
  20. In technical writing headings are normally used in long documents like reports and manuals, but are rarely used in short ones, such as letters and memos.
  21. Which of the following is notrepresentative of workplace writing?
  22. The “you attitude” refers to
  23. If placed in a team, you may expect to use some online collaborative writing tools.
  24. According to the text, technical writing normally starts sentences with “It is” or “There are.”
  25. In general, which of the following is most formal?
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