BIBL 104 Quiz Pauls Letters

BIBL 104 Quiz Paul’s Letters 

  1. One of Paul’s principal achievements was that he wrote thirteen books of the New Testament, which are a primary source of theological information
  2. Paul wanted Timothy to see four generations of ministry duplication. The first generation was Paul who preached the gospel. The second generation was Timothy who received the gospel from Paul. The third generations were the people converted when Timothy preached. The fourth generation includes the “others” who were taught by faithful men from the third generation.
  3. In Colossians, Paul said Christ fulfilled the law, thus keeping the obligations of the law is no longer necessary because Christ took “it away by nailing it to the cross.”
  4. According to the textbook, Paul reminds the Thessalonians that their fellow believers who have died will all be resurrected and translated (glorified) together, to be with Christ forever.
  5. Paul’s instructs the Corinthians that his perspective on the Gospel ministry includes the
    idea that the minister accepts his weakness because of the opportunities it affords.
  6. Paul and Epaphras visited Colossae and founded the church in Colossae after ministering in Ephesus.
  7. In First Corinthians, Paul asserted that the Corinthians were operating as immature, baby Christians, still using the wisdom of the world and this resulted in divisions among them.
  8. Paul removed any obstacle Timothy might have had to ministry among Jews by having the young man circumcised.
  9. The problems addressed in First Corinthians arose when various groups sided with different leaders who best represented their view of Christianity.
  10. Some scholars believe that the absence of personal greetings in Ephesians suggests that
    neither did Paul found the church in Ephesus nor did he know anyone in the church.
  11. Paul reminds the Colossians that, “You died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God”
  12. Paul tells the Philippians that they should live in unity, humility, and selflessness. Hethen gives himself as the example for believers to follow when he claims, “follow me as I follow Christ.”
  13. According to Paul in Romans, sanctification includes the imputation of God’s righteousness by means of faith in Jesus Christ.
  14. 2 Timothy was written by Paul to Timothy just before Paul’s martyrdom.
  15. In order to “not carry out the desire of the flesh,” Paul urges the Galatians to
  16. In Galatians, Paul’s conclusion was that “we are not children of the slave but of the free.” He
    makes this conclusion through allegorically explaining the stories of
  17. In 2 Timothy Paul foresees a time of unrestrained self-centeredness that will characterize the “last days.”
  18. Which of the following is not a piece of the Christian’s spiritual armor.
  19. One of Paul’s principal achievement was that he was the main leader in extending the church into Asia Minor and Greece, becoming known as the premier apostle to the Gentiles.
  20. The church in Rome probably consisted of at least five household churches rather than one large church.
  21. In 2 Corinthians Paul told the church that the Macedonians were giving a contribution for the work of the ministry. Thus, their contribution was appreciated but not needed.
  22. In Galatians Paul says the Galatian Christians have gone to a completely different kind of gospel.
  23. Paul’s letters to the Corinthians deal with the challenges of Christians living in a hostile culture.
  24. Paul wrote _____________ to encourage his ministry assistant to live the gospel and fight to defend it.
  25. In First Corinthians, Paul refused to answer any questions the Corinthians had until they had corrected their three current issues.
  26. In the letter of ___________, Paul emphasized that believers can experience true joy by living out the mind of Christ within the body of Christ.
  27. According to the textbook, Timothy was probably converted to Christianity as a youth when Paul visited his home in Lystra on the first missionary journey with Barnabas.
  28. Paul founded the church in Rome on his first missionary journey.
  29. Paul’s hope in Philippians was to offer practical encouragements to his friends at Philippi so they would not be tempted to doubt God’s faithfulness even in dire circumstances.
  30. The church at Corinth was the ideal model for a first-century apostolic church.
  31. According to Paul in Galatians, the law locked imprisoned us, but provided no remedy.
    Only faith in Christ can atone for sin and free us from the law’s condemnation.
  32. Paul sees believers as having three chief duties. One of these duties is towards the
  33. The book of Colossians can be divided into two section. The first section is a section of
    doctrine and the second section is a section on
  34. In the Corinthian church some believed in Christ’s resurrection but not in the resurrection of believers.
  35. In 1 Timothy Paul describes the qualifications of a bishop. He lists both jobs within
    the church that they must undertake as well as inner character they must possess.
  36. Paul reminds the Colossians to focus on their heavenly standing because “you have
    been raised with the Messiah, seek what is above, where the Messiah is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on what is above.”
  37. Paul’s letters to Timothy and Titus are collectively known as the Pastoral Epistles.
  38. In order to “not carry out the desire of the flesh,” Paul urges the Galatians to
  39. In the first section of Romans Paul shows that _____________ are under condemnation.
  40. In order to demonstrate the self-sacrifice and humility of Jesus, Paul boasted in his weakness rather than his strength in 2 Corinthians.
  41. According to Paul in Galatians, the law cannot give life, but it does have the purpose of revealing our sinful character before God.
  42. In First Corinthians, Paul contrasted the permanence of love to the temporary nature of
  43. In Philemon, Paul makes himself personally responsible for the amount stolen by Onesimus. He tells Philemon to “Charge that to my account.”
  44. Paul’s instructs the Corinthians that his perspective on the Gospel ministry includes the idea that the minister, in response, endures many hardships in order not to discredit the ministry.
  45. In Galatians, Paul notes that the hypocritical actions of one apostle had caused ___________ to be led astray.
  46. was Philemon’s runaway slave from Colossae who encountered Paul in Rome.
  47. In 1 Timothy Paul argues that pastors should get paid but should not be appointed until they have proven they are of godly character.
  48. According to the textbook, Galatians can be termed the Magna Carta of Christian
    It states unequivocally that salvation is through faith alone, in Christ alone, by grace alone, without works of any kind.
  49. In order to “not carry out the desire of the flesh,” Paul urges the Galatians to
  50. 1 Timothy can be divided into two sections. The rst section deals with _____________
    while the second section deals with personal instructions.
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