EDUC 817 Module 7 Quiz

  1. Which is NOT a step in the qualitative research data collection process?
  2. When collecting data, which is NOT an ethical consideration?
  3. To gain participant support, a qualitative researcher:
  4. According to Creswell & Poth, what is the central component to the data collection process?
  5. What is the importance of the Institutional Review Board?
  6. Which type of study must the participants all be able to express their lived experiences of a phenomenon?
  7. Which type of study can events, activities, programs and individuals be considered “sites”?
  8. Which of these is an important consideration of the purposeful sampling approach in a qualitative study?
  9. What specific types of information are collected with purposeful sampling?
  10. A sampling strategy that identifies cases of interest from participants who recommend other potential participants:
  11. A sampling strategy that saves effort and time:
  12. In a phenomenological qualitative study, what is normally the central form of data collection?
  13. Which is NOT a step to conducting observations?
  14. When collecting data, which of these is a common issue?
  15. Which qualitative approach focuses on a single individual?
  16. Which qualitative approach focuses on locating participants who have all experienced a specific phenomenon?
  17. Which qualitative approach focuses on interviewing and observing a culture- sharing group?
  18. Which qualitative approach focuses on researching a bounded system?
  19. Which qualitative research approach interviews a larger number of people to achieve detail in theory?
  20. What ethical issue does not occur during the data analysis process?
  21. Which is a common qualitative data analysis strategy?
  22. Which of these is a general qualitative data analysis strategy?
  23. What is “memoing”?
  24. The process of making sense of the collected data is
  25. Several codes that form a common idea or category are called:
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