CSTU101 Quiz 1 Western Culture

CSTU101 Quiz 1 Western Culture and Values

CSTU 101 Quiz 1 2023

  1. “The Heritage of the Past is the Seed that Brings Forth the Harvest of the Future.” Is located on which building in Washington?
  2. What two concepts are the main focuses of our studies in CSTU 101?
  3. The Egyptian temples were the first structures in the ancient world to be built entirely of
  4. Who said “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose”
  5. Known as the land between the Rivers.
  6. Which system says “the sun is at the center of the universe”?
  7. What were the two main rivers in Mesopotamia?
  8. What could justly be described as the study of how people process and document their human experience?
  9. The basic way an individual looks at life, his basic worldview, the grid through which he see the world.
  10. What term describes the multiple perspectives we see in Egyptian art, especially in portraying the human body?
  11. Which artifact provided the key that allowed scholars to decode Egyptian hieroglyphics?
  12. Who wrote these words for us to live by? “See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy…”
  13. This was perhaps the best known sculpture of Egyptian art.
  14. Uncommon valor was a common virtue is located on which monument?
  15. The flux of change that we see in a culture is called
  16. The first written language was called
  17. The most significant Sumerian literary work was
  18. Legal standards had been developed in the past but none so practical as the Code of Laws that established the rule of law from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea. Who was the Code of Laws named after?
  19. Sumerians were from which area.
  20. Which cultures religion could be described as being pragmatic and self-serving?
  21. The Egyptian and Mesopotamian culture were very similar.
  22. The Egyptian Culture was very concerned about the color of skin pigmentation and made a point to segregate those who were different.
  23. Nebuchadnezzar has been discovered to be just a fictional king.
  24. The Egyptians never were able to work with the post and lintel construction method.
  25. The pyramids of Egypt were built to represent the wealth of the Egyptians, with no religious or meaning of permanence whatsoever.
  26. King Cyrus that is mentioned in the Bible did not really exist.
  27. The Iwo Jima Memorial is located in Japan, and is a tribute to their soldiers.
  28. Sumerian civilization was ancient, but not very advanced in learning.
  29. The Egyptian Culture was short lived and lasted only a few centuries.


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