EDUC 815 IRB Quiz

EDUC 815 Quiz Institutional Review Board (IRB)

  1. Before starting on the IRB application you should review:
  2. confidentiality means that you know who gave what response, but you will keep their identity private. An example of confidentiality is:
  3. Consent information should include which of the following?
  4. Participation in a research study is voluntary
  5. Class assignments that involve physically or psychologically invasive, intrusive, or stressful procedures do not need to be submitted for IRB review.
  6. IRB stands for:
  7. The IRB exists to insure all of the following except which?
  8. Though proper paperwork is done, the IRB may terminate projects in which of the following cases:
  9. A full committee review requires at least how many members?
  10. The IRB provides ______________ to researchers and institutions


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