EDSP 524 Quiz Differentiated Instruction

EDSP 524 Quiz: Differentiated Instruction

Module 3: Week 3

  1. The type of assessment which refers to testing at frequent intervals so that student progress can be evaluated is
  2. Prioritizing objectives, adapting instruction, using systematic instruction, and implementing systematic evaluation procedures is known as
  3. A student pointing to a correct answer and responding to matching, true/false, or multiple choice test formats is using which strategy?
  4. Practice that takes place under teacher supervision and is most appropriate immediately after presentation of concepts is
  5. Inappropriate social behavior, such as passing notes, teasing, arguing, and fighting, should be handled by the teacher in what way?
  6. Practice that takes place with indirect teacher supervision and is undertaken when students’ rates of correct responding are very high is
  7. Asking yes/no questions, tugging questions (Tell me more), guessing questions, and leading questions (Isn’t that so?) are examples of which of the following?
  8. Objectives specify all of the following EXCEPT
  9. During teacher presentations, if students are actively listening, taking notes, outlining, and asking for clarification they are demonstrating
  10. The breadth and depth of content and the order in which the content will be presented is called which of the following?
  11. Making irrelevant digressions, not having student materials prepared, or allowing longer transitions than necessary are examples of
  12. Appropriate feedback can be helpful to students in all of the following ways EXCEPT
  13. Using learned skills or content in relevant contexts is ________.
  14. Distinguishing between “p” and “q” or a “b” and “d” is an example of which type of learning?
  15. Structure, clarity, redundancy, enthusiasm, appropriate rate, and maximizing engagement are known as
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