EDUC 783 Quiz 3 Return on Investment

EDUC 783 Quiz 3: Return on Investment

  1. Students who only possess a high school diploma are just as likely to receive the same income and quality of life as students who earn a college degree.
  2. College students who borrow to pay for their education do not necessarily see an equal or higher return on the financial investment until years later.
  3. Please select the correct statements that address some general misunderstandings about student debt (select all that apply):
  4. Economists study the return on investment in higher education on which of the following levels? (select all that apply)
  5. The net benefits of higher education are typically grouped into which two categories? (select only two):
  6. Economists can analyze the return on investment of higher education based on the rate of return and level of return.
  7. What is one of the most challenging aspects of studying the return on investment of college education? (select only one):
  8. The economic impact of colleges and universities can be calculated by which of the following measures? (select all that apply):
  9. Among the studies of the return on investment in higher education, economists study which of the following categories? (select all that apply):
  10. A state appropriation to a public institution is an example of what? (select only one):
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