EDUC 648 Quiz 7

EDUC 648 Quiz 7 Liberty University

  1. It is no secret that teachers, as a group, have not been particularly concerned or informed regarding the rudiments of school finance.  The problem, however, is swinging in the opposite direction.  By choice, teachers are insisting on a stronger voice in decision making, particularly as it affects reward for service.
  2. Rural and small town schools have difficulty in recruiting and retaining teachers.  Professional isolation and chronically low salaries and benefits exacerbate the difficulty in attracting quality teachers to rural schools.
  3. Which of the following benefits has the U. S. Supreme Court NOT included in benefits to be continued when employees are terminated?
  4. Which organization has the goal to establish high and rigorous standards for teachers and certify teachers who meet its standards?
  5. It is now agreed that teachers must develop some acumen in school finance.  Which of the following is included in the suggested avenues for meeting this need?
  6. As noted in Financing Education in a Climate of Change, a new approach related to merit pay, is pay for performance, which includes student test scores in their teacher’s evaluation.
  7. School boards and the public prefer the single salary schedule concept for determining salaries for teachers
  8. Retention of teaching personnel has always been a big problem.  Which of the following has NOT been a negative factor effecting teacher retention?
  9. When it comes to offering employee benefits school districts were generally the leaders compared to business and industry.
  10. Human resources administration is possibly the most important function of education when it is based on the realization that a school’s success and effectiveness are dependent on those people working within the school.  A quality education program depends greatly upon which of the following basic elements?
  11. Alternative certification programs attract individuals who are committed to teaching and whose non-teaching experiences are valuable in the classroom and are necessary to compensate for the high turnover rate of teachers.
  12. There has been an ebb and flow through several decades in the debate of ways to evaluate teacher performance based on criteria that includes student learning and rewarding teacher resourcefulness.
  13. The No Child Left Behind Act requires a “moderately qualified” teacher be in every classroom, and has helped teachers feel more confident in meeting requirements that may be demanded of them.
  14. Which of the following is NOT among the questions asked related to the development of a teacher compensation program?
  15. Which of the following is NOT included in the broad categories of human resource programs necessary to accomplish organizational goals?
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