EDUC 648 Quiz 6

EDUC 648 Quiz 6 Liberty University

  1. Systems analysis is a practical, systematic approach to assist the decision maker in choosing a course of action.  Which of the following is included in the description of the systems analysis approach?
  2. Preparation of the budget includes the following three dimensions as indicated in the following sequence:  determination of the educational plan, the conversion of the education plan into cost terms, and finally, the determination of the sources of required revenue.
  3. Which of the following is NOT included in the list of some of the most common kinds of insurance that a typical school board would want to consider?
  4. Surety bonding of employees protects the school district against fraud or loss, along with providing motivation to the official to be businesslike in handling the funds under their jurisdiction.
  5. Insurance has been called a necessary expenditure to provide for benefits in case of an incident, or emergency that the purchaser of insurance hopes will never happen?
  6. Purchasing supplies and equipment is not just a simple process of ordering something from a vendor.  It involves a complicated and complex process which can result in numerous problems.  Which of the following is NOT included in the potential problems associated with the purchasing process?
  7. The encumbrance account does not represent expenditures for the period, only a commitment to expend resources.
  8. No executive can possibly perform all of the generally accepted functions of the superintendency alone; some of the duties of the office must be delegated to others.  However, whether delegated or not, providing for safe and secure schools is a primary function of the business side of a superintendent’s position.
  9. Identify which of the following is included in the main purposes of school districts using efficient accounting systems in schools and school districts:
  10. The accrual basis is the superior method of accounting for the economic resources of the local education agency.  Which of the following are considered essential elements of accrual accounting?
  11. According to the text, Financing Education in a Climate of Change, one inflexible rule for school principals is that fees and other receipts from current students must be used for students who have paid for them, or a new account is required to carry the balance to the following fiscal year budget.
  12. Which of the following is an appropriate statement regarding the preparation of the budget hearing?
  13. Translating educational needs into a budget includes the following pattern: (1) organizing objectives, (2) establishing goals, (3) identifying needs, (4) building a program to meet those goals, and (5) producing a budget to fund those programs.
  14. Careful planning and evaluation may reduce but never completely eliminate the need for making changes in the current budget.
  15. The poverty level and eligibility for reduced or free meals include which of the following provisions:
  16. Funds held by a school district and are related to school activities, but are not owned, or directly controlled, by the school district are called “agency funds”.
  17. Which of the following statements regarding audits is accurate?
  18. Quality of service, financial standing, convenience, interest rates, and the integrity of bank officials are some of the most important factors to be considered when selecting a bank.
  19. Which of the following is NOT included in the general principles that form the basis for an adequate and effective accounting system in every school?
  20. The purpose of the school is to provide its pupils with high-quality education of the
    variety and quantity that will improve their behavior and competence as law-abiding and self-supporting citizens, but the school’s first responsibility involves maintaining the safety and protecting the health and well-being of all who attend.
  21. School districts are concerned primarily with insurance protection against which of the following?
  22. The discovery of fraud and the detection of errors were once the main function of auditing.
  23. The superintendent of schools should administer the school district budget, and the school board has legal authority for its formal adoption.  The principal assumes the role of the chief financial officer at the individual school where they have been assigned.
  24. The chief thrust of the Planning/Programming/BudgetingSystem (PPBS) is in the direction of replacing broad, traditional objectives with specific, measurable ones.  Which of the following is included in the planning process of the PPBS?
  25. Regardless of the size of the school district, there are certain services that must be provided as part of the business administration functions.  Which of the following are areas that may be considered part of the office operation?
  26. Which of the following statements is correct regarding the selection of auditors:
  27. Which of the following is NOT included as one of the budgets equilateral triangle, “Three Dimensions”?
  28. As technical experts, auditors provide fact finding and advisory services only. They should have a free hand in performing their services, and the records of the school district and the informational services of the school employees should be at their disposal.
  29. Which of the following statements is appropriately matched with the budget acronym shown below:
  30. Which of the following elements is NOT included in budget?
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