EDUC 648 Quiz 3

EDUC 648 Quiz 3 Liberty University

  1. Which of the following statements would be an improvement that would result from reducing the number of school districts?
  2. A potential danger in increasing state funds for education includes the use of state monies used to supplant rather than supplement local monies for education.
  3. Mandated legislation at state and federal levels are factors that have resulted in:
  4. Describing the education finance systems of the 50 states is complex. Some commonalities do exist.  Indicate the following that would be included in comparable funding patterns.
  5. Which statement indicates the current trend in local taxation practices?
  6. A recent trend in school administration is for schools to enter into contracts for services with private or for-profit companies.  Private companies are edging into the more than $550 billion business of secondary and elementary education with the intent of producing revenue for stockholders.
  7. The trend in funding education has been toward greater state responsibility for financing public education, resulting in greater state control while maintaining the power and authority of local school boards.
  8. George Strayer and Robert Haig introduced what many consider to be the real theory of equalization with their foundation program concept.  Identify which of the following was included in the fundamental factors or standards that they proposed.
  9. Small school districts are comparatively efficient and often represent a wise use of tax funds.
  10. The states responsibility for control of public schools is guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States by:
  11. Which of the following was included in the early taxation patterns of our country?
  12. Identify the statement which can be appropriately identified with urban schools.
  13. The states have used a number of different school finance plans.  The foundation program introduced by Strayer and Haig should be a minimum and not a maximum program.
  14. Which of the following is one of the reasons why education was omitted from the United States Constitution?
  15. An EMO can be a for profit organization or a non-profit organization
  16. Boards of education find themselves faced with increasing pressure from state and federal directives.  Select the best statement that would represent the additional expectations imposed on boards of education from the state and federal governments.
  17. Municipal overburden is a result from the fact that public schools and city governments must use the same property tax bases to obtain the relatively large revenues required for their operation.
  18. Which of the following statements is indicative of the principles associated with the EPM (Equalized Percentage Matching) principle of “Power Equalization”?
  19. Since power comes to the local districts by delegation from the states, it can be withdrawn at any time at the option of those in authority at the state level.
  20. Local school districts tend to become more conservative and often refuse to operate high-cost programs regardless of unmet needs of students.
  21. One of the pioneers in recommending that states allocate funds to local school districts was Ellwood P. Cubberley, who was dedicated to the principle of equality of educational opportunity for all.
  22. Which of the following were among Cubberley’s important contributions to the field of educational finance?
  23. The de-emphasis or complete elimination of the state property tax and the introduction of  sales and state income taxes have resulted in the demise of using property tax to compare  the abilities of states to finance education.
  24. Which of the following is considered to be the most common method now used to compare the financial ability of states to support education?
  25. Which of the following was the primary reason that helped some states to acknowledge their responsibility and set in motion measures for funding public schools?
  26. The administration and operation of public schools across the country are organized in diverse ways but are usually independent government units.
  27. As long as school systems are having difficulties meeting community demands for achievement growth and other standards, the private management issue will continue to grow.  Which of the following could have an impact on the allocation of state funds?
  28. The Education Commission of the States (ECS) indicates that members of boards of education have the function of deliberating and acting on various education issues. Identify the one below that is not part of their listing:
  29. In the early twentieth century, as rural communities and neighborhoods grew into larger ones without accompanying expansion of taxable wealth the need for state support of education became more evident.  Some forms of state support had existed for some time before the depression.
  30. Which of the following statements is true regarding the size of school districts?
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