EDUC 647 Quiz 3

EDUC 647 Quiz 3 Liberty University

  1. Negligence is the failure to exercise a reasonable standard of care that results in injury to another person.
  2. Students who are injured by school district personnel may claim monetary damages for their injury resulting from intentional torts only.
  3. Which of the following elements is not associated with acts of negligence?
  4. 3 to 21 in educational institutions.
  5. Libel and slander are forms of defamation that are best described when:
  6. A school may not remove disabled students from their placement for disruptive conduct related to their disability.
  7. When students assume an element of risk to participate or benefit from an activity, school personnel are relieved of liability because they are not held to a high standard of care.
  8. Individuals with disabilities are protected by:
  9. A parent has a right to an independent educational evaluation at his/her expense if he/she disagrees with the school district’s evaluation prior to placing a disabled child unless the hearing officer agrees.
  10. Which statement is not included in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act?
  11. Which statement is not associated with a tort?
  12. Based on the preponderance of violence in public schools, courts no longer presume that schools are safe places.
  13. A school may follow normal discipline procedures for conduct unrelated to a disability especially in dangerous situations.
  14. School personnel may be held individually liable when:
  15. Which item is not included in a disabled child’s IEP?
  16. Foreseeability is:
  17. A battery may occur if a teacher injures a student while administering corporal punishment.
  18. The IDEA requires both procedural and substantive rights.
  19. Which of the following items is not associated with discipline of students with disabilities?
  20. An education-related  service  is:
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