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EDUC 646 School-Community Needs Assessment

EDUC 646 Test 3 Liberty University

  1. Which school event or situation is likely to be reported as a story in the local newspaper?
  2. Note the following brief scenario: the school officials insisted to the reporter that they know more about what the school public wants to know than the reporter. How is this brief scenario BEST characterized?
  3. Newspaper editors expect the writing quality in news from school officials to be concise, clear, and simple. This means that the editor’s goal in news reporting is for its writing quality to:
  4. Which electronic tool will enable a member of the external public to access school website information about attendance, budgeting, or maps and directions of a given school without requiring the school district to track down this information?
  5. The availability on district and school websites of archival records, e-newsletters, and online surveys emphasize that:
  6. When thinking about the audience of school publications, the content should appeal to:
  7. Although all exhibits elicit attention and reception from both internal and external publics, which exhibit is designed to galvanize the highest level of school-and-community relations?
  8. After a school principal shares with a substantive item with a reporter, he or she should inform who about this exchange?
  9. What is one way to save money on publication costs?
  10. Which of the following is a key reason why readers are attracted to one publication over another?
  11. When writing about a staff member, you should give:
  12. Which type of school board meeting will members of the press not have direct access to?
  13. Which of the following is NOT an option discussed in the text for social media communication:
  14. Which of the following illustrates accurately the impact of online communication on the growth of school-and-community relations?
  15. Varied community members, especially parents, read and are informed about school events from which type of student publication(s)?
  16. Which of the following does NOT NECESSARILY constitute a method of research regarding how a school district determines the content of its website?
  17. What example suggests that a school district is critically appraising its website against a rigorous set of criteria to affirm the most effective school online communication to external publics?
  18. To have an effective school publication (i.e. school newspaper, yearbook, or drama brochure), the school administration is wise to recruit a faculty advisor over this activity that has:
  19. In a news release, sentences should be limited to:
  20. A brochure that addresses a particular issue, such as an instructional publication for teachers regarding how to communicate effectively with parents during an Open House, is known as a(n):
  21. One way of reaching specific and smaller audiences and sub-cultural groups on a school website is to:
  22. Which represents BEST a contemporary publication method?
  23. An external publication, such as a newsletter or an e-newsletter, is designed for which constituent group or population?
  24. Who should receive, read, and evaluate a school publication and provide feedback regarding its content message, layout design, and print quality before this publication is distributed to the public at large?
  25. Each of the following is considered a typical method of getting school news into press EXCEPT:
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