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EDUC 644 Discussion 1

Discussion Thread 1: there is a fear among our students and many of our teachers that there is no solution to the problems facing public education; that there is no one coming to rescue public education. This is a popular message in public education today. As future leaders, how can you bring your Christian worldview into your theory and practice of leading in diverse education? What is the message that you as an educator want to speak to those who follow your lead?

EDUC 644 Discussion 2

Discussion Thread 2: Lotteries are popular in many school districts and division across the country today. Though some students benefit, others suffer from not winning the lottery. For this module’s discussion, identify the pros and cons of school lotteries and explain how you plan, as a concerned citizen, to assist failing schools near you.

EDUC 644 Discussion 3

Discussion Thread 3: The major objective of this course is a “call to reach all” of America’s students. Using what has already been learned in this course, please integrate scripture that supports our call as Christians to work with a diverse population

EDUC 644 Discussion 4

Discussion Thread 4: There are many pockets of ESL in our schools depending on the location of schools. What are some of the unique challenges of integrating these students into our schools and student body? What can leaders do to assist in helping this population of students succeed in our schools?


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