EDUC 415 Quiz Student Achievement

EDUC 415 Quiz: Student Achievement

Covers the Textbook material from Module 5: Week 5.

  1. A teacher used the following assessment tasks while teaching a unit. Choose the correct weight for the assessment tasks based on the description below. Quizzes, the content of which assessed 3 of the 6 unit learning objectives, vs. A performance assessment that assessed 5 of the 6 unit learning objectives
  2. Which of the following grading approaches is most compatible with the theory that intelligence is fixed?
  3. Which of the following should NOT be reflected in a report card grade?
  4. Refer to the table above. Suppose a total points method is used to create a composite grade. What is Alva’s weighted composite grade on the 0-100 percentage scale?
  5. Which of the following should you prepare before a parent conference begins?
  6. You are likely to confuse students when the grade you assign combines your evaluation of the students’ achievement and their classroom deportment.
  7. Which of the following grading approaches is most compatible with standard-based approaches to teaching?
  8. According to the Brookhart and Nitko textbook, a student who does NOT turn in an assignment should be given
  9. Why do most current textbooks recommend that teachers NOT use norm-referenced grading?
  10. If your school district has a poor grading policy, your best course of action is to ignore it and use a better system of grading.
  11. Grades should be used for formative assessment purposes.
  12. Grading on the curve is compatible with self- referencing at the formative evaluation stages.
  13. When grades are used to compare students, they are unlikely to motivate students.
  14. During the time that students are taking a standardized achievement test the teacher should ensure that all students
  15. Standardized achievement tests provide useful information that may be part of a study of whether a local district needs to change its curriculum.
  16. Multilevel survey test publishers describe how well their products match local curriculum frameworks.
  17. Dan’s parents blamed his poor standardized test performance on the teacher. Is it appropriate to hold the teacher responsible for Dan’s poor standardized test performance?
  18. Often, different standardized achievement tests have subtests with the same name (e.g., reading) that contain items assessing quite different content and skills.
  19. Most of the major standardized achievement test batteries include options for performance tasks as well as multiple-choice items.
  20. Even though different publishers of standardized achievement batteries use different techniques for creating developmental scales, the scales are quite closely equivalent.
  21. Reporting a school’s standardized test results to the school board without describing the other characteristics of the school and its students is an unethical assessment practice.
  22. A test is said to be standardized if it serves as a standard against which students’ performance is compared.
  23. When selecting a standardized test for a secondary school, school officials should focus on locating a test that assesses educational development in a few broad areas instead of more specific curriculum subjects.
  24. If you use tests that come with your curriculum materials and textbooks you can usually be assured that you have very good quality test items.
  25. Which of the following activities is (are) OPTIONAL for a teacher when preparing to administer a standardized achievement test?
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