EDUC 415 Quiz Student Preparation

EDUC 415 Quiz: Student Preparation and Results

Covers the Textbook material from Module 4: Week 4.

  1. For each entry in a best-works portfolio, a teacher should require the student to write an explanation that relates the entry to the learning objective it shows achievement on.
  2. A major problem with assessing students using portfolios is that two teachers often assign quite different grades to the same student’s portfolio.
  3. Growth-and-learning-progress portfolio are particularly well suited for
  4. One major disadvantage of performance assessment procedures is that they are more time- consuming for the teacher and the student.
  5. Which of the following is NOT an important quality dimension for designing performance assessments?
  6. Which of the following procedures is least practical for a teacher to use as a way of improving the quality of assessment tasks?
  7. Which of the following factors is MOST important in deciding how many tasks to include on a summative classroom performance assessment?
  8. What is the most appropriate way to score a performance assessment that is used to give feedback to students?
  9. An advantage of performance assessment over the traditional objective formats is that
  10. What does scaffolding mean in performance assessment?
  11. Which of the following will help ensure that a project is useful for assessing students?
  12. Which of the following could be included in a sixth- grade student’s electronic portfolio for a unit on water in science class?
  13. A desirable feature of a best-works portfolio is that it should emphasize learning objectives that are not part of a teacher’s daily instruction.
  14. What are commonly recommended item difficulty and discrimination indices for a norm-referenced test?
  15. You need not pay any attention to item analysis data if you are crafting a criterion-referenced test.
  16. Arnold is really worried about his final exam. Which of the following should his teacher say?
  17. Teaching the types of performance and thinking students need to do well on a classroom test increases the validity of the test results.
  18. It is appropriate to include on a test a few questions that cover material you had taught but which you did not tell students would appear on the test as a check on whether the better students have studied.
  19. The directions on the cover page of a test booklet render any directions of a subsection of the test redundant or unnecessary.
  20. Using surprise quizzes is ethical when students are misbehaving and you need to use a test to gain some control of the class.
  21. What is the best way to arrange items on a test?
  22. Suppose the directions to students on the cover page of a test booklet included the statements below. Which of the statements is LEAST helpful to the student?
  23. Why should you group test items according to the type of item (multiple choice, true/false, etc.)?
  24. The most important recent technological developments for classroom testing purposes are technological solutions to problems of
  25. Does applying a correction for guessing formula to a response-choice test affect the scores of students who guess correctly?
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