EDUC 315 Quiz Focusing Attention

EDUC 315 Quiz Focusing Attention and Presenting Information

  1. High-level questions are usually convergent and involve repetition and restatement.
  2. Which term refers to the time between when a question is asked and when a student answers?
  3. When planning a lesson, you can eliminate closings when ending a lesson if you are pressed for time.
  4. In which stage of language acquisition would you expect students to give one- or two-word responses?
  5. Concept maps help students demonstrate content knowledge and their view of the relationships within the content.
  6. What are the technical or specialized words used in academic disciplines, such as math, science, and history?
  7. Which question below would be best to ask of an English language learner in the preproduction language acquisition stage?
  8. What is a teacher doing when he or she specifies why the learning objective is valuable?
  9. Teachers should avoid providing antonyms to learners when explaining a topic, as they will only confuse the learner.
  10. Explaining words or showing examples of words and then having students apply the words is an example of what type of teaching strategy?
  11. Teachers can engage learners by using effective questioning and planning closings for their lessons.
  12. A teacher incorporates a prop box into the classroom with items and materials that support a concept being taught. What strategy is she using?
  13. During a science lesson, the teacher states that deserts have an arid climate. After noting this fact, the teacher goes on to say that deserts receive less than 10 inches of rain a year. What is this an example of?
  14. A teacher explains a word to her students. She then asks the students to repeat it back and use it in a sentence. Which strategy is the teacher using?
  15. When working with English language learners (ELLs), it is best to avoid using idioms and slang.
  16. Lesson openings are important because they help students know what will happen during the rest of the lesson.
  17. What strategy does a teacher use when showing a student how to complete a computational skill?
  18. What describes the moments between when a student finishes a response and when the teacher redirects, prompts, or moves on?
  19. Which question would be best to ask an English language learner in the intermediate/advanced fluency language acquisition stage?
  20. What type of questions have more than one correct answer?
  21. How can a teacher make directions clear?
  22. An effective teacher must know how to provide clear explanations, as they are a part of almost all lessons and activities.
  23. What can be used to preview a lesson and to guide the student’s thinking through a visual map or diagram?
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