EDUC 315 Quiz Picturebooks

EDUC 315 Quiz Picturebooks & Fantastic Literature

  1. What are picture storybooks for preschool children typically about?
  2. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series spawned increased interest in the writing and publishing of:
  3. The materials used in the production of a work are called:
  4. In well-written fantastic literature, the style is established through realistic images and rich language.
  5. In picturebooks of poetry and song, the arrangement of the text across the pages reflects the natural breaks in the meaning and ____________ of the original poem or song.
  6. Fantasy for children and young adults that explores the human condition is often deeply serious.
  7. Artists work to achieve unity through the _____________ of their art.
  8. Which of the following are common elements of a wordless storybook?
  9. Fantasy categories overlap and intertwine, but they usually include which of the following?
  10. What is the primary method used by fantasy writers to establish believable settings?
  11. The monumental struggle between good and evil, what it means to be human, and the consequences of _____________ are all examples of recurring themes in fantastic literature.
  12. In a picturebook the words cannot:
  13. Which of these are primary elements of graphic novels?
  14. Peter Sís uses _____________ to symbolize the repressions of communism in otherwise black-and-white drawings in The Wall: Growing Up behind the Iron Curtain.
  15. Which type of picture is often composed of the kinds of images experienced in dreams, nightmares, or hallucinations?
  16. In which book are nearly all the illustrations composed of rounded curves?
  17. Details about time and place are often presented ____________ in picturebooks.
  18. Texture conveys a sense of:
  19. According to the text, what term is defined as imaginative narratives that explore alternate realities, although the exact nature of an alternate reality is a slippery concept?
  20. Which style of art consists of literal and realistic depictions of characters, objects, and events?
  21. Even though events might not be realistic, what happens in fantastic literature should be:
  22. What do we call the method used in the production of a work?
  23. Which of the following is an example of a concept book?
  24. Which line-drawing technique gives the impression of energy or excitement?
  25. Which of the following are strong language patterns often employed by predictable books?
  26. The style is the material used in the production of a work.
  27. Although graphic novels are popular among readers, no graphic novels have ever received any prestigious book awards.
  28. According to Nodelman and Reimer, one way of thinking about the way a picturebook works is to consider that it actually has _____________ stories.
  29. Fantastic literature developed during the mid-19th century, because children had free time to fantasize about alternate realities.
  30. The “series” book has become popular in the fantasy genre.
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