EDUC 304 Quiz 8

EDUC 304 Quiz 8 Liberty University

EDUC 304 Quiz Dealing with Challenging or Violent Students

1. When dealing with challenging students, the student prepares the:
2. To deal with challenging or violent students in your own classroom, you should establish a plan:
3. To decrease inappropriate behavior in challenging students, the consequences to the student are typically:
4. A strategy to calm your own anger is:
5. When you need to seek outside help to deal with a challenging student, it is common practice in many schools to first contact the:
6. A loss of recess time and staying after school are two common types of:
7. When another person is angry, their use of aggression is usually:
8. Early signs in a student for serious problems include changes in:
9. A training program for students on addresses topics such as negotiation, managing anger, mediation, and peacemaking.
10. By analyzing the challenging student’s problem behavior and your responses, you can then act to avoid:
11. Strategies to address the influence of gangs include prevention, intervention, and:
12. When meeting individually with a challenging student, the primary purpose is to:
13. A behavioral contract typically does not include any statement about:
14. When the other person is angry, you can control and contain your anger and better manage the situation by:
15. As a public or Christian school teacher, what do you believe your Christian role should be in reaching students with emotional and/or behavioral challenges? Use one or more of the following Biblical passages to develop your answer:

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