EDCO 705 Quiz 4

EDCO 705 Quiz 4 Liberty University

  1. Although the term sustainability is used quite often, it is actually only a minor factor in the entire innovation process.
  2. Community psychologists do not work in the realm of school systems, as that is the area of responsibility for school psychologists.
  3. Sustainability and sustainability capacity are two ways of saying the same thing.
  4. Which of the following is not part of the interactive system framework?
  5. Although it is primarily in a secondary or assisting nature, community psychologists do work with criminal justice agencies.
  6. This term refers to the intentional, systematic distribution of interventions to a targeted group of stakeholders for the purpose of changing or influencing practice or policy:
  7. When a program is delivered in the way in which it was intended to be delivered, this is referred to as:
  8. The phase during which the target population decides whether to adopt information is called the:
  9. A set of resources and activities directed toward a set of common goals is a:
  10. Doctoral programs in community psychology prepare students for all but which one of the following areas?
  11. KSA stands for Kauffman Scholar Association.
  12. Doctoral programs in community psychology tend to include all but which one of the following areas?
  13. This term refers to a general, not always intentional, spreading of innovation:
  14. Master’s programs in community research and action have also been framed all but which of the following?
  15. Even community gardening can play a role in the vision for community psychology practice for the future.
  16. Grant writing is a primary function in only the academic setting for community psychology practice.
  17. Another name for the people that are involved in deciding what is involved in the actual decision-making process is:
  18. The phase during which an innovation is moved from adoption and implementation is called the:
  19. More people work in healthcare settings than in any other.
  20. The utilization of various approaches to challenge the assumptions and practices in mainstream psychology that help sustain unjust political, economic, and other societal structures is called:
  21. There is no set order in which the preparedness of an innovation is tested prior to release.
  22. Master’s-level and doctoral-level programs in community psychology, unlike most other areas, contain basically the same content.
  23. The innovation champion, the innovation assassin, and the innovation neuter are the three types of persons who attempt to influence decision-makers regarding program adoption.
  24. Which of the following is not one of the four priority areas for education in community psychology practice?
  25. This term refers to the use of strategies to adopt and integrate evidence-based health interventions and change practice patterns within specific settings:
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