HIUS 313 Quiz Constitutional Concepts Federalism

HIUS 313 Quiz: Constitutional Concepts and Federalism

Module 6: Week 6

  1. According to Hall, the founders believed that it was necessary for the church and state to be intermingled and mutually supportive?
  2. According to Dr. Roberts, Scripture was never used by American’s to understand the Constitution?
  3. In the original Constitution, the people of a state elected Senators.
  4. The United States government is the earliest example of large-scale federalism in the modern world.
  5. According to Hall, one of Congress’s first acts was to appoint congressional chaplains?
  6. McClellan reveals that federalism does not allow for diverse people to join together for common interests.
  7. Discussing the State’s limits under the US Constitution, McClellan explains that the States are forbidden from the following except:
  8. As revealed by McClellan, the powers of Congress may be classified as the following except:
  9. McClellan explains that the Federal power must prevail over State power when the Federal government is exercising one of the enumerated powers specified in the Constitution?
  10. As presented by McClellan, the heart of the Constitution is
  11. Briefly explain what the Founders did to reconcile the principle of separation with the urgent need for a vigorous new government that would exercise some self-control.
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