CSTU 220 Quiz Christian Response

CSTU 220 Quiz Christian Response to the Civil Rights Movement

Covers the Learn material from Module 6: Week 6.

  1. Charlie Cobb of SNCC originated what concept which was put into practice in Mississippi during the Freedom Summer of 1964?
  2. With regard to its origins and organization, the Montgomery Bus Boycott
  3. Who gained national renown in 1964 as an unseated MFDP delegate for the testimony she offered about the personal violence she suffered while trying to exercise her constitutional rights?
  4. Which executive secretary of SCLC was also known as the “political and spiritual midwife” of SNCC?
  5. After winning the affiliation of more than 80,000 voters, the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party
  6. Which element was added to the repertoire of protest during the Albany Movement of 1961 by Bernice Johnson Reagon and others?
  7. Which member of CORE became a counselor to Martin Luther King, Jr., introducing him to the thought of Mahatma Gandhi and advising him on nonviolence?
  8. What motivated Martin Luther King Junior to write “Letters from a Birmingham Jail” in 1963? Who is the letter addressed to and what prompted this particular letter?
  9. According to Bryan Loritts, how do multiethnic churches strengthen Christianity and the message of the Gospel in today’s society?
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