CSTU 101 Learning Activity 4

CSTU 101 Learning Activity 4 Liberty University

Set 1

Background to the assignment: We read earlier about paradigm shifts occurring in cultures; within our Western culture we have observed some as well.

Description of the assignment: In this assignment, list 1 or more paradigm shifts that you have seen in Western culture during the 20th century. Remember what our definition of a paradigm shift is before you begin. If you include sources, cite them in current APA format. This assignment must be between 250–300 words and include the word count in parenthesis.

Set 2

Background to the assignment: “Globalization” is one of the key ideas of our time. What most people don’t realize, however, is that we haven’t just discovered globalization with the rise of the Internet. The entire modern age (roughly the last 500 years) has been a period of gradual globalization. In this assignment, you will be exploring this issue in greater detail as you look at the global culture that began to emerge during the Age of Discovery.

Description of the assignment: Go online and read about the “Columbian Exchange.” In a 2-paragraph essay, first describe in your own words what this term refers to. Be brief, but thorough, in defining the kinds of things that were “exchanged” during the period of European exploration. In a second paragraph, discuss how your own individual life has been impacted by the Columbian Exchange. What kinds of things do you take for granted that are a direct result of this first great period of globalization? Your answer should be between 250–300 words. (Include your word count.)


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