CSIS 100 Final Exam

  1. The development and application of innovative information systems improve the operations of an organization; however, they do not lead to any competitive advantage.
  2. How are policies enforced in information systems?
  3. Which of the following is a critical component of an information system?
  4. Which of the following is a common source of misunderstanding between IT and other departments?
  5. Which of the following statements is true of information systems that support collaborative human activities?
  6. Differentiating the product or service for a particular market niche is called product differentiation strategy.
  7. The threat of substitutes is high when alternative products are available.
  8. Network effects refer to the
  9. Melloc is one of many suppliers selling milk to retail customers. Since there are many sellers, price is a major determinant of market success. Which of the following statements about Melloc is true?
  10. Which of the following is true of creative destruction?
  11. Which of the following has raised questions regarding the ethical implications of companies collecting and analyzing enormous amounts of customer data?
  12. refers to ICT architecture in which users access software applications and information systems remotely over the Internet, rather than locally on an individual PC or from servers in the organization’s data center.
  13. Which of the following is a feature of the devices that form the physical basis of information and systems?
  14. A database is an example of system software.
  15. Speech input devices have overtaken all other input devices.
  16. ensures that every foreign key entry actually exists as a primary key entry in its main table.
  17. Which of the following database architectures works well for one‐to‐many relationships, but is not effective with many‐to‐many relationships?
  18. A system’s ability to handle rapidly increasing demand is called
  19. Which of the following is a characteristic of structured information?
  20. What is the main drawback of using unstructured information?
  21. Which of the following is a part of a company’s supply chain management?
  22. Which of the following illustrates a practice that can dramatically reduce supply chain costs?
  23. The bullwhip effect can be reduced if
  24. Which of the following is a characteristic of best‐of‐breed suites?
  25. In an ERP suite that includes modules specialized for higher education, which of the following would be used to track donations, pledges, and gifts, and manage contacts and donor relationships?
  26. The website of Vogue, a hair and beauty salon chain, allows visitors to upload their photographs and try virtual hairstyles and virtual makeovers. In this example, the primary web goal of the salon is to
  27. A(n) ________ focuses on informing visitors and empowering them with aggregated information about products from different suppliers.
  28. Which of the following elements of website usability describes how quickly a user performs tasks after learning a website’s basic design measures?
  29. Which of the following is a drawback of the hierarchical website architecture?
  30. Not all devices connected to the Internet have a unique IP address.
  31. Mashup is an approach to aggregating content from multiple internal and external sources on customizable web pages.
  32. Companies use intelligent agents to extract useful business intelligence from private, inaccessible websites.
  33. Business intelligence is said to be used at the ________ if companies use it to bring meaningful, performance‐related information to all employees.
  34. In web metrics, which of the following best describes depth of visit?
  35. Which of the following is a function of predictive analytics?
  36. Which of the following is true of group dynamics in virtual teams?
  37. is the microblogging website with the largest number of users in the world.
  38. Which of the following mail protocols is commonly used to handle outgoing mail from users?
  39. Text messages multiply the power of informal networks by allowing users to broadcast information not yet available through traditional means.
  40. The online world tends to flatten out hierarchies and equalize status.
  41. A person in an e‐learning program who knows just what should be included in the course and possesses the content expertise is known as a
  42. A(n) ________ is a person who brings together the knowledge and skills about what strategies work best for e‐learning.
  43. Structural capital describes the number and quality of all the relationships an organization’s employees maintain, not just with one another but with clients, customers, suppliers, and prospective employees.
  44. Which of the following assets is a part of human capital?
  45. Which of the following is an accurate definition of communities of practice?
  46. Single sign‐on is implemented by organizations for the purpose of
  47. Which of the following methods is often used for phishing purposes?
  48. Digital rights management offers IP holders the benefit of
  49. Which of the following is an accurate definition of digital rights management?
  50. For which of the following purposes are botnets most likely to be used?
  51. A phased implementation is an expensive process that launches a new system while the old one is still running.
  52. Escapade Inc., a travel agency in Sydney, is using a highly expensive implementation process for a short period of time. It launches the new system while the old one is still running and employees have to do their jobs twice, once on each system. Which of the following is the company using?
  53. Info Labs Inc., a marketing communications company, launches a project at a fixed cost of $180,000. What is the amount of savings earned from the project per month if it returns the investment in 3 years?
  54. Johanna Taylor, a creative developer at Leo Technologies Inc., is developing a website for the company. To address the usability needs of website visitors, she ensures that visitors would be able to easily locate what they need on the website. She avoids flashy graphics and chooses a font with high readability. Joanna is most likely in the ________ stage of the SDLP.
  55. Jonathan has joined a new software company in Manhattan and has been assigned the task of developing an internal communications system. He begins the task by assessing how the system will help in efficiently coordinating the projects that the company handles and in determining the feasibility of the system. In the given scenario, Jonathan is in the ________ step of the systems development life cycle.
  56. an information system is typically the best choice for a business when the available systems support common business functions, such as financial or human resource management.
  57. Prepackaged software is a good option for business functions that do not need to offer competitive advantage.
  58. Tom Daniels, an employee of a telecommunications company, is developing software that would enable customers to activate value‐added services in a matter of seconds. Which of the following requirements is Tom developing if he is working to improve the visual appeal of the interface and to enhance the ease of learning the software?
  59. Which of the following is an advantage of a parallel implementation of an information system?
  60. Which of the following is a type of testing for information systems where developers use the same input and compare the new system’s output to the output generated by the system it is replacing?
  61. Which of the following collects data from each project and aggregates it, building a larger picture of the overall health of the organization’s project portfolio?
  62. The ________ phase in a project involves documenting lessons learned from the project, so that the experience is useful to other project teams and adds to the organization’s knowledge base.
  63. Lack of customization and high stakeholder involvement are amongst some of the most cited reasons for project failure.
  64. A ________ lists tasks on the work breakdown structure, along with each task’s projected start and finish dates, in graphical format.
  65. A kick‐off meeting involves
  66. Which of the following is an accurate definition of a project?
  67. Which of the following sets of processes is carried out first in project management?
  68. Business continuity refers to the willingness of an organization to pull the plug on a project in which huge sums and resources need to be invested.
  69. Which of the following tools helps keep a project on track to meet its deadlines by listing tasks on a work breakdown schedule?
  70. Which of the following is an accurate definition of “black swans”?
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