CRST 290 Quiz Creation

CRST 290 Quiz Creation and Biology

Covers the Learn material from Module 4: Week 4.

  1. Distinct metabolisms seen among bacteria may be used to identify groups that were separately created from each other.
  2. Hans Madueme’s “dogmatic creationism” position states that there are good reasons to think young-Earth creation is true, even if current young-Earth models are incorrect.
  3. Which term refers to a group of organisms that are known to be continuous with each other?
  4. What is the Hebrew word that is translated as “man”?
  5. Language and culture were given to _________, not ___________.
  6. The Bible tells us that which of the following are given the “Image of God”?
  7. The concept that sin has had some effect our ability to think is referred to as the “___________” effects of sin.
  8. Which New Testament passage links the Fall to bringing pain and death into the entire world (a “cosmic Fall”)?
  9. In non-bacterial life forms (plants, animals, fungi), DNA is found in the cell nucleus.
  10. Which of the following is NOT a component of natural selection?
  11. Which scientist coined the term “baramin” (“created kind”)?
  12. Which of the following was NOT one of the questions about young- Earth creation addressed by Hans Madueme in his video lecture?
  13. Which scientist and Jesuit priest believed that God created groups of life separate from others and allowed for limited evolution within those groups?
  14. At which points in creation history would God’s original designs in organisms likely seen changes?
  15. It appears that the term “Image of God” includes both spiritual as well as physical similarity between God and man.
  16. The Gaia Hypothesis tells us that :
  17. The command to care and steward the creation was:
  18. Unlike larger organisms, single-cell organisms do not need to identify energy sources and chemicals from the environment around them.
  19. “_________________” naturalism is the term that describes an approach to that, as a practical purpose, requires supernatural explanations to be excluded from our scientific explanations.
  20. Plants were created on which day of creation?
  21. It appears that nature is built so that there is:
  22. The Anthropic Principle tells us that :
  23. Han Madueme argued in his video that humans evolved from ape- like ancestors, and that at some point in this process God gave humans a soul.
  24. Which term refers to a group of organisms that are known to be discontinuous with each other?
  25. Which term refers to structures or features in an organism that appear to be not well-designed?


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