CRIS 608 Test 4

CRIS 608 Test 4 Liberty University

  1. Which Bible story is NOT an example of a traumatic event?
  2. Helping individuals understand that what they are experiencing is not unusual is:
  3. According to General Bob Dees, parachurch organizations are part of the healing equation.
  4. According to the presenters, chaplains help soldiers understand that combat stress is a rare disorder that can be treated.
  5. What requirements are there to becoming a chaplain?
  6. According to the presenters, being present when there is nothing to say sends a negative message to wounded soldiers.
  7. According to the presenters, it is important for chaplains not to be afraid to be involved when dealing with death.
  8. Psalms in which the author expresses a range of raw, honest emotions are known as psalms of:
  9. Chaplains are endorsed by
  10. According to Neil Rhodes, the church can begin to effectively help the community by having a to reach out.
  11. It is important to understand that God can challenge churches with veteran(s), according to Neil Rhodes.
  12. The most basic meaning of the word “trauma” is:
  13. According to the lesson, chaplains are
  14. According to Neil Rhodes, key leaders in helping are
  15. is a group consisting of the six active duty Chaplain Generals, as well as the reserve components, who meet to advise the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs on matters of religious importance.
  16. According to the lesson, an effective church should hold their mission with a(n) and understand that there are others who are important in meeting the needs of trauma sufferers.
  17. Which of the following was not mentioned as a component in having a heart of compassion?
  18. According to the presenters, chaplains need to intentionally resist insensitivity to the needs of around them.
  19. According to the presenters, counselors can invite a chaplain to come and speak at a church or community event in order to raise awareness and support.
  20. Parachurch organizations are usually Protestant and Evangelical.
  21. Parachurch organizations can act as a between other organizations.
  22. According to General Bob Dees, parachurch organizations are restricted because they are often unable to dive deeply into the cultural context in which they are ministering.
  23. Which of the following is an example of Type II trauma?
  24. is trauma that often hits chaplains “coming and going” and the stress on them can be overwhelming.
  25. The most relevant felt need in today’s armed forces, according to the lesson, is the inability to obtain a job after reintegrating into society after deployment.
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