COUN 504 Cultural Immersion Project Part 3

Liberty COUN 504 Cultural Immersion Project Part 3 Answers

This project involves 3 parts. The student may not use cultural experiences previous to this course for this assignment. The student will select a group of interest with whom he/she has little or no prior experience. This group may be a different ethnicity, religion, and/or culture or have other significantly different cultural features (e.g., the elderly in nursing homes, disabled children, disabled adults, the homeless, prisoners, etc.). The student must use current APA format, 
 including a title page and a reference page if he/she cites sources (an abstract is not necessary).

Part 3

The student will conduct an in-depth, 1-hour interview with an individual or married couple from his/her selected cultural group in order to develop an understanding of the cultural factors that helped to shape that individual’s (or couple’s) cultural identity. The student must then complete a set of questions. The answers to these questions must be at least 1,600 words.

Part 3 Forum

Based on the Cultural Immersion Project – Part 3, the student will write a thread of at least 350 words in the Cultural Immersion Project – Part 3 Forum. The student must also reply to 2 classmates’ threads; each reply must be 200 words.

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