COUC 546 Quiz 4

COUC 546 Quiz 4 Liberty University

  1. Which of the following DSM personality disorders is more common in males than in females?
  2. Saks’ argument about dissociative identity disorder as an insanity defense is that
  3. Rather than including a single diagnosis for dyslexia, the DSM-5
  4. John was diagnosed as having selective mutism. This means that he
  5. The DSM-5 categorizes all of the following as neurodevelopmental disorders EXCEPT
  6. You witness a young child in the grocery store kicking and screaming because his mother won’t buy him candy. Which of the following DSM- 5 disorders would apply to the child?
  7. Paranoid personality disorder differs from paranoid schizophrenia in that
  8. Which of the following distinguishes children with ADHD from other children?
  9. __________ therapists try to alter the patient’s present-day views of the childhood problems assumed to underlie the personality disorder.
  10. Stimulant drugs have which of the following effects on hyperactive children?
  11. Neurological studies have found abnormalities in which part of the brains of autistic individuals?
  12. A primary characteristic of histrionic personality disorder is
  13. Generally speaking, children exposed to trauma
  14. George killed his two children because he believed he heard voices telling him that if he did not kill them, his neighbor would. His defense attorney argued that due to George’s insanity at the time of the crime, he should not be held responsible for the crime and should thus be acquitted of the crime. Which of the following best describes the plea that George’s defense attorney made?
  15. Individuals with borderline personality disorder are difficult to treat because
  16. Veronica imagines that she will one day have great success in business, although she now is working as a waitress. She has difficulty getting along at work because she envies her boss’s position of authority (feeling she is more intelligent than he) and expects special favors such as not having to clean the stove like the other waitresses. Which of the following personality disorders best fits Veronica?
  17. Which of the following relationships does not typically involve privileged communication?
  18. Schizoid and schizotypal personality disorders may be distinguished only by the presence of which of the following symptoms in schizotypal persons?
  19. Which of the following does the text identify as a common problem in obtaining informed consent from research participants?
  20. Which of the following rights of clients has a legal (not just ethical) basis?
  21. Symptoms of conduct disorder include all of the following EXCEPT
  22. When a person did not know the nature and quality of the criminal act in which he or she engaged, or, if the person did know it, the person did not know what he or she was doing wrong is an issue that is addressed by the
  23. Which of the following is true regarding the right to refuse treatment?
  24. The prosecution and defense in the trial of Andrea Yates agreed
  25. The standard of proof of beyond a reasonable doubt requires __________ percent certainty to convict.
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