COUC 546 Quiz 4 Disorders

COUC 546 Quiz 4: Disorders Often First Seen in Childhood or Adolescence

  1. Stimulant drugs have which of the following effects on hyperactive children?
  2. Being rejected by peers is causally related to aggressive behavior, particularly in combination with
  3. Prenatal exposure to infectious diseases
  4. Depressed children and depressed adults both exhibit which of the following symptoms?
  5. Which of the following is a symptom of separation anxiety disorder?
  6. Comparison of adolescent boys and girls with respect to depression suggests that
  7. Compared to children with ADHD, children with oppositional defiant disorder
  8. Which of the following is an externalizing disorder?
  9. For the diagnosis of intellectual developmental disorder, the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities recommends an individualized assessment
  10. Lovaas’s program of behavioral treatment of children with autism spectrum disorder
  11. A person with obsessive-compulsive personality disorder is likely to be
  12. The key feature of which personality disorder is overly dramatic and attention-seeking behavior?
  13. When people with antisocial personality disorder are confronted with an intense or aversive stimulus, their skin conductance is
  14. Which of the following DSM personality disorders is more prevalent in community settings than in treatment settings?
  15. In trying to distinguish between schizoid and schizotypal personality disorder, the clinician should remember that
  16. Schizotypal, but not schizoid, personality disorder involves
  17. Which personality trait facet is part of the antagonism domain?
  18. Which of the following is a characteristic of borderline personality disorder?
  19. Which of the following comorbid disorders predicts an increase in the risk of violence among people with significant mental illness?
  20. What is the rationale for laws that provide for legal verdicts of guilty but mentally ill?
  21. The Jones v. United States case illustrated which problem with the insanity defense?
  22. A lawyer asserts that an uncontrollable pathological impulse or drive compelled a person to commit a criminal act. The lawyer is invoking the
  23. Most states hold that a person can be involuntarily committed to a mental hospital
  24. Under what circumstances might a court agree to force medication on a person who has been civilly committed?
  25. In what year was the landmark ruling that led to the Durham test?

Other set

  1. Shannon, a junior in high school, was recently suspended from school for stealing money from ninth-graders, writing graffiti on the bathroom walls, and beating up another student. Shannon’s teacher reports that she has very few friends. The most likely diagnosis for Shannon would be
  2. Which of the following is emphasized in Linehan’s Dialectical Behavior Therapy for borderline personality disorder?
  3. A major problem in classifying personality disorders is
  4. Symptoms of conduct disorder include all of the following EXCEPT
  5. Yolanda vacillates between feeling extremely positive feelings for her friend and having extreme negative feelings for her, often for no apparent reason. When these changes in her disposition occur, she also experiences deep depression and sometimes engages in self-injurious behavior. On the basis of this information, Yolanda most likely has __________ personality disorder.
  6. George killed his two children because he believed he heard voices telling him that if he did not kill them, his neighbor would. His defense attorney argued that due to George’s insanity at the time of the crime, he should not be held responsible for the crime and should thus be acquitted of the crime. Which of the following best describes the plea that George’s defense attorney made?
  7. The definition of “insanity” comes from __________
  8. Which of the following does the text identify as a common problem in obtaining informed consent from research participants?
  9. Depressed children and their parents
  10. Schizoid and schizotypal personality disorders may be distinguished only by the presence of which of the following symptoms in schizotypal persons?
  11. The standard of proof of beyond a reasonable doubt requires __________ percent certainty to convict.
  12. Rather than including a single diagnosis for dyslexia, the DSM-5
  13. Wanda, a 12-year-old girl with severe intellectual disability, was taught to dress herself using the following approach: First, her teacher broke down the behavior of getting dressed into a number of smaller steps, like pulling the neck hole over her head, putting her arm into a shirt sleeve, and then putting the other arm in. Each step was then demonstrated to Wanda, and she was rewarded for each small movement toward the goal. This approach is called
  14. Which of the following is NOT a personality disorder
  15. Which of the following relationships does not typically involve privileged communication?
  16. A primary characteristic of histrionic personality disorder is
  17. Generally speaking, children exposed to trauma
  18. Which of the following DSM personality disorders is more common in males than in females?
  19. Neurological studies have found abnormalities in which part of the brains of autistic individuals?
  20. The dierence between “insanity” and “competency” is that
  21. Compared to children with ADHD, children with oppositional deant disorder
  22. Outpatient commitment
  23. Which of the following distinguishes children with ADHD from other children?
  24. You witness a young child in the grocery store kicking and screaming because his mother won’t buy him candy. Which of the following DSM- 5 disorders would apply to the child?
  25. Saks’ argument about dissociative identity disorder as an insanity defense is that
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