COUC 510 Theories Chart Assignment

COUC 510 Theories Chart Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to aid you in understanding the theoretical approaches you have learned from this course and provide you with an easy-access guide as you move forward in the program. This assignment gives you an opportunity to show your ability to analyze and critically think through which approach aligns most closely with your own personal/professional style of counseling. Additionally, it is designed to aid you in developing your own evolving personal counseling style and theoretical orientation and consider how to implement it in a counseling setting.


For this assignment, you must complete the chart below. It would be of benefit to you to use this chart to take notes while reading the corresponding chapters and Read items. You may use bullet points to complete each section, as multiple sections must include 2 examples.
You must include references/in-text citations to support the information/facts provided in the chart. However, you should NOT use direct quotes in your chart. Information should be put into your own words. A reference page is required with your assignment submission. Under the “research” section, you must find at least 1 peer-reviewed journal article (cited in current APA style) that supports the effectiveness of the theory.

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