COUC 510 Quiz Psychoanalytic Theory

COUC 510 Quiz: Psychoanalytic Theory

  1. Which of the following is not a component of the brief psychodynamic approaches?
  2. A person who manages his or her anxiety by distorting reality and failing to acknowledge painful events is most likely using:
  3. Directing energy toward another object or a person (when anxiety is reduced by focusing on a “safer target”) is known as:
  4. Attributing to others the qualities or traits that are unacceptable to our own ego is best described as:
  5. One of the most important Freudian concepts, which consists of pushing unacceptable life events and painful feelings into the unconscious, is:
  6. All of the following are true about a therapist’s countertransference reactions except:
  7. In Erikson’s view, the major developmental task in adolescence is:
  8. The process of redirecting sexual energy into some form of socially acceptable behavior is known as:
  9. Developmentally, Freud’s latency stage corresponds to Erickson’s stage of:
  10. Because ego and consciousness are not the same, the slogan for psychoanalysis has shifted from “making the unconscious conscious” to:
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