COUC 502 Quiz 7

COUC 502 Quiz 7 Liberty University

  1. _____ involves identifying opportunities or domains of activity that are of greatest value or importance.
  2. Accepting one’s life, particularly during late adulthood, is directly related to age and happiness.
  3. Individualistic clients focus on intimacy, affiliation, and contributions to the moral community.
  4. Erikson believed that if we see our lives as unproductive, it can lead to _____.
  5. An older adult who is experiencing _____ may be disgusted with the external world and contemptuous of persons as well as institutions.
  6. In recent years, studies have shown a significant decrease in numbers of individuals in late adulthood that are staying healthier longer and functioning well at more advanced ages.
  7. Optimization involves identifying strategies to counteract loss and minimize the negative impacts on functioning.
  8. Studies show that life satisfaction in older adults is strongly influenced by _____.
  9. Erikson defines _____ as feeling at peace with oneself and the world, with no regrets or recrimination.
  10. Which of the following is not a common health condition that may begin affect individuals during their late adulthood?
  11. In the process of accepting one’s life, older adults who integrate their _____ and their goal-related activities, typically experience a sense of _____.
  12. Life satisfaction and a sense of well-being are linked to selecting specific goals as important areas of functioning.
  13. Erikson’s stage of _____, occurring at age 65 and older, involves a possible conflict of coming to terms with one’s life and accepting one’s life.
  14. Some individuals are more _____ in their goal striving, which is having the capacity to make choices.
  15. A(n) _____ life goal orientation includes a goal-related action of coping.
  16. For counselors and their older adult clients, it is crucial to understand the link between _____ and _____.
  17. The combination of one’s own culture and _____ shapes the older adult’s imagined self, moving into the future.
  18. Older adults may employ ___ to allocate and refine resources in order to achieve higher levels of functioning in selected areas of life.
  19. Older adults who reach a sense of _____ feel whole, complete, and satisfied with their achievements.
  20. Which of the following is not an aspect of life goals?
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