COUC 502 Quiz 4

COUC 502 Quiz 4 Liberty University

  1. Many of the changes occurring during middle childhood develop within the _____, which is the brain center responsible for attention, working memory, behavioral monitoring, self-regulation, reasoning, information processing, goal-setting, and inhibition.
  2. How well children succeed at learning the social rules and self-presentational strategies has a large impact on the development of _____.
  3. The male’s adolescent growth spurt does not typically occur until the age of _____.
  4. Popularity seems to be linked to _____.
  5. Between the ages of ___, the primary and secondary sex characteristics are forming.
  6. During middle childhood, thought processes develop into what Piaget classified as the _____ stage.
  7. According to Selman, during the _____ stage of social perspective taking, children display a collaborative integration of relationship dynamics.
  8. Addressing the psychological barriers to physical activity may be paramount in successful therapeutic treatment of obesity in children and adolescents.
  9. Research suggests that bullying often occurs in intraracial environments.
  10. Which of the following has not been shown to be an effective counselor intervention to address bullying at school?
  11. During the _____ stage of Piaget’s theory of moral development, moral reasoning is governed by external rules.
  12. _____ in children is now the number one health concern among parents in the United States.
  13. _____ equips children with the skills needed to practice self-monitoring or self-instruction techniques.
  14. For middle school children, their parents’ opinions are influential, but their peers’ opinions are more important.
  15. School children that are living in poverty are more likely to _____.
  16. Which of the following counseling approaches can be used most effectively as a preventative and remedial intervention for dealing with middle-school students who have repetitive behavioral issues in the school setting?
  17. Chronic stress has been found to significantly affect cognitive development by interrupting brain functioning.
  18. During middle childhood, children have an expanded working memory, which allows them to take in and manage more information at one time.
  19. _____ parents are highly demanding and use a high level of control in handling their children. They usually show little affection toward their children and have closed communication between one another.
  20. Question: Specialized antibullying interventions in schools should focus primarily on fostering positive _____.
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