CJUS 630 Quiz 3

  1. A negotiator should do all of the following except ________.
  2. When people set aside their self-control, allowing the various attitudes and emotions of the group to spread rapidly, it is referred to as
  3. Which of the following provided the public its first real glimpse into the darkness of an American cult?
  4. Which of the following refers to the information procedure notifying the general public of a child’s abduction, along with descriptive information about the child and the abductor allowing the community at large to be on the lookout for the child, the suspect, and the suspect’s vehicle?
  5. Which of the following was the deadly error in executing the rescue operation in the Beslan School hostage crisis?
  6. Which of the following not only involves the collection of evidence, but also directs the victim to available resources within the community that can provide needed medical and psychological services?
  7. The hostage team psychologist may carry out each of the following tasks except ________.
  8. According to the U.S. military, each of the following is a type of hostage situation except ________.
  9. Which of the following is a sign of a successful negotiation of a hostage crisis?
  10. According to Festinger (1956), the psychic tension that results from lack of agreement between two cognitions on account of failure of the cult leader’s prophecy is called
  11. Which of the following cult personalities develops his or her own intelligence-gathering networks and instills an uneasy obedience to ensure that the cult leader gains complete control over the person’s mind?
  12. Into which of the following categories do sexually assaulted victims fall?
  13. Which of the following is a danger signal indicating that a cult is preparing for a violent defense against an imagined attack?
  14. People who are attracted to a cult more by the lifestyle it offers than by the cult’s beliefs are called
  15. Which of the following is true about victim-witnesses?
  16. Those in the inner circle of a cult leader whom the leader trusts to carry out his or her orders and intentions are known as
  17. Victims of natural disaster, especially those who lose their homes, are called ________ victims.
  18. Each of the following is a type of new world order cult except ________.
  19. What was the outcome of the police department’s use of force against peaceful demonstrators during the WTO meeting in 1999?
  20. Aum Shinrikyo is an example of a ________ type of cult.
  21. Children of abusive homes are classified as ________ victims.
  22. List the various danger signs that a hostage negotiation may be turning bad.
  23. One factor that is often present and acts to escalate an excitement-driven panic is ________.
  24. According to Leon Festinger, when a cult leader’s prophecy fails, it creates an uncomfortable psychological state among the members called
  25. Identify and discuss the various danger signs that a cult may be considering violence.
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