CJUS 630 Quiz 2

  1. Which incident in 1997 redefined police tactics for containing and de-escalating high-risk confrontations?
  2. If an officer attempts to gain the compliance of a suspect by overtly suggesting the use of physical force or a weapon against them in response to continued noncompliance, this is an example of the ________ level of the force continuum.
  3. During a tactical entry, “triangulation” refers to ________.
  4. Which of the following is a finding of the Geller and Scott study on the role of race in the use of force by the police?
  5. Discuss the various tactical options used by a tactical team primarily for hostage rescues and barricaded armed suspects.
  6. Discuss the Duluth model of police response to domestic violence.
  7. According to White and Gondolph’s theory (2000), which of the following personality characteristics correlates with the narcissistic personality?
  8. Which of the following is NOT true about elder suicide?
  9. The Supreme Court case of Tennessee v. Garner brought an end to ________.
  10. The process of continuous analysis based on all information available at an active shooter event is called ________ analysis.
  11. Using the “surround and call out” tactical option, team members surround a location and ________.
  12. The Minneapolis Project of the 1980s studied ________.
  13. Which of the following is NOT a situational type of force measure employed by the police?
  14. During the tension-building phase of an abusive relationship, the abused partner will do all of the following EXCEPT
  15. Which type of suicide is usually dangerous for those who respond because of the person’s rage?
  16. In a ________ entry, the movement is slow and methodical once an entry point is breached.
  17. Each of the following is a symptom of battered spouse syndrome except
  18. Rational-thinking mode and experiential-thinking mode are two types of ________.
  19. The theory that suggests abused women stay in their relationships for a variety of reasons, including finances, children, and societal and cultural norms, is referred to as the
  20. Each of the following is true about teen suicide EXCEPT that ________.
  21. In a domestic violence situation, when does the “cycle of violence” begin?
  22. The process by which we interpret and understand stimuli in our sensory field is referred to as ________.
  23. What is the level of force in which an officer attempts to gain control of a suspect without causing disabling injury?
  24. Which of the following theories argues that women remain in abusive relationships because they simply have too much invested to let go of them?
  25. According to Durkheim, which type of anomie occurs only in men?
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