CJUS 542 Test 2

CJUS 542 Test 2 Liberty University

  1. Which header starts with hexadecimal 49 49 2A and has an offset of four bytes of 5C 01 00 00 20 65 58 74 65 6E 64 65 64 20 03?
  2. Summarize the evolution of FAT versions.
  3. Which type of strategy hides the most valuable data at the innermost part of the network?
  4. Network logs record traffic in and out of a network.
  5. Match each item with a statement below
  6. In which type of attack does the attacker keep asking the server to establish a connection?
  7. If a graphics file is fragmented across areas on a disk, you must recover all the fragments before re-creating the file.
  8. What are BitLocker’s current hardware and software requirements?
  9. Before attempting to install a type 2 hypervisor, you need to enable virtualization in the BIOS before attempting to create a VM.
  10. What enables the user to run another OS on an existing physical computer (known as the host computer) by emulating a computer’s hardware environment?
  11. The HFS and HFS+ file systems have four descriptors for the end of a file (EOF).
  12. Which filename refers to a core Win32 subsystem DLL file?
  13. When intruders break into a network, they rarely leave a trail behind.
  14. Briefly explain NTFS compressed files.
  15. Briefly describe image examination methods for macOS.
  16. Which filename refers to the device driver that allows the OS to communicate with SCSI or ATA drives that aren’t related to the BIOS?
  17. Which data-hiding technique changes data from readable code to data that looks like binary executable code?
  18. In macOS, in addition to allocation blocks, what kind of blocks do volumes have?
  19. How may computer programs be registered under copyright laws?
  20. How can you make sure a subject’s computer boots to a forensic floppy disk or CD?
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