CHHI 300 Quiz 2

CHHI 300 Quiz 2 Liberty University

  1. While the number of Crusades varies, the textbook mentions _____ Crusades.
  2. A guidebook that describes the life of a monk or a nun is called a
  3. The ________________ is the name given to the Catholic Latin Bible during the Medieval Period.
  4. Which item listed is not one of the Seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church
  5. Two monastic groups attempted to reform the Catholic Church from within. Which one listed is not one of those two groups?
  6. The low point in the papacy was during the
  7. In 732, ______________________, the grandfather of Charlemagne, won the decisive Battle of Tours that stopped the Muslim advance into France.
  8. “Deuterocanonical” refers to
  9. “Religious _____________” refers to groups of men or women who live within a monastery or convent and are usually connected to an organization dedicated to certain core principles.
  10. was the first pope to fill a power vacuum in Rome and convinced an approaching army not to attack Rome.
  11. “Transubstantiation” refers to the bread and wine of communion
  12. Which one was not a reason for the First Crusade?
  13. The Investiture Controversy originated because the pope did not want secular rulers to
  14. At one point, the Catholic Church had _____ men who claimed to be pope at the same time.
  15. In the Donatist controversy, Augustine wrote that
  16. The Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches both accept only the first _____________ large- scale (or ecumenical) councils.
  17. “Excommunication” refers to
  18. Within _____________ years after Muhammad dying, Islam had spread throughout northern Africa and into Spain.
  19. The Catholic and Orthodox officially split in the year
  20. taught that Christ consists of two separate persons, God and human. The danger is that one person could dominate the other, such as the divine person dominating the human part of Jesus such that it was impossible for Jesus to sin.
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