CHHI 300 Quiz 1

CHHI 300 Quiz 1 Liberty University

  1. The office of bishop developed early within Christianity. Bishops were necessary for all the following reasons except for
  2. Helena, the mother of Constantine, traveled to the Jerusalem and the Holy Land, and by doing so exemplified three practices that became exceedingly popular during the Middle Ages. Which of the following does not belong to actions or beliefs Helena had by going to Jerusalem.
  3. Origen taught that Christians were of value to the Roman empire because they
  4. All of the following are partial reasons for developing the New Testament canon, except for
  5. Early Christians were accused of all the following except ______________________.
  6. Early creeds were necessary for all reasons except one. Which one is that?
  7. On his way to a battle, Eusebius records that Constantine saw a symbol in the sky with the words “in this sign
  8. Which was not a form of early Christian martyrdom?
  9. Decius required for people to sacrifice to the gods and to the health of the emperor, and in return the worshiper received a
  10. In 313, the emperors Constantine and Licinius agreed to end all Christian persecution in their regions with the
  11. was the first emperor to persecute Christians.
  12. The three “C’s” of early church formation are ___________________, creed, and clergy.
  13. The Council of Nicaea decided the following issues except for
  14. According to Eusebius, the following were all reasons to include a book into the Christian Scriptures except one. Which one is that?
  15. One of the most famous quotes about how persecution actually aided the spread of Christian is from Tertullian: “The ____________ of the martyrs is the seed of the church.”
  16. Which was one of the first councils to “close” the New Testament canon.
  17. Which was one of the first councils to “close” the New Testament canon.
  18. Using a simple fish drawing as a sign for Christianity developed in the early church period because
  19. Arius was considered a heretic because he taught that God
  20. The ________________________ were not the fathers of the Apostles nor were they considered New Testament Apocrypha or Scripture, but they were valued as teaching tools in the early church period.
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