CEFS 601 Exam 4

CEFS 601 Exam 4 Liberty University

  1. A therapist who determines that there is imminent danger to someone the client vows to harm should
  2. Ways to avoid successful malpractice suits include:
  3. Michael White was influenced by Foucault who viewed language as
  4. The emergence of managed care has
  5. Treating AIDS, family therapists can
  6. A narrative therapist might seek to lead the family to find unique outcomes to their stories. This may serve as
  7. Peer review refers to
  8. Research on stress in families with schizophrenic members validates well the relationship between ____________ and relapse.
  9. Calling another person lazy is making use of a _________ description
  10. Family therapists have sought licensing because
  11. Mandating that certain courses be taken before license renewal is called
  12. A legal exception to confidentiality maintenance occurs in the case of
  13. Scaling questions
  14. The authors contend that narrative therapy emerged from
  15. The “miracle question” allows clients to
  16. Clients need to be told of the possible risks before commencing treatment. This is an example of
  17. In the Goolishian-Anderson collaborative approach, therapist and client are
  18. A common goal of narrative therapy is
  19. According to postmodern thinking, “romantic love” is a
  20. The probability of a psychologist being sued in court is
  21. In working with families, narrative therapists consider themselves
  22. Externalizing a restraining problem is meant to
  23. Managed care programs typically involve
  24. Therapy that involves the use of internet is called ______________.
  25. Narrative therapists believe we attempt to make sense of our lives through
  26. In the psychosocial typology of illness, Rolland does NOT include one of following.
  27. Psychoeducational programs emphasize all except one of the following. Which does not belong?
  28. An example of banding together to deal with a common problem is a focus of narrative therapy. Support groups, or leagues, were begun by Epston in New Zealand. These groups have found their way to the US and into the fabric of our society. From the list of groups below, which answer is best?
  29. Which of the following is not an element in a malpractice suit?
  30. Perhaps the most common grounds for a malpractice suit is
  31. Defrauding insurance carriers is likely to be met with __________ level sanction by the APA.
  32. An early effort to help parents deal with their emotionally disturbed children is
  33. White’s style of questioning is directed at all except one of the following. Which one?
  34. A major goal of the linguistic approach is
  35. Postmodern therapists are apt to be
  36. According to Anderson, Reiss, and Hogarty, recovering hospitalized schizophrenics:
  37. Therapists should use informed consent
  38. Survival skills workshops are psychoeducational programs directed at
  39. In solution-focused brief therapy, “skeleton keys” refers to
  40. Hudson and O’Hanlon, using brief marital therapy, help couples recognize that
  41. Within the Social Constructionist discussion, Tom Anderson used reflecting teams and made use of the ____________ in the therapeutic sessions.
  42. Ellen expresses her viewpoint at a meeting, although she is shy and her self-doubt usually tries to silence her. Narrative therapists view this as
  43. Managed care plans require
  44. According to narrative therapy, a comprehensive understanding of a person calls for
  45. Medical family therapy tends to
  46. Which of the following is a true statement?
  47. In treating major psychoses, psychoeducation for families is now seen as essential, along with
  48. Psychoeducational programs are intended to help which of the following?
  49. Solution-focused therapists believe that the _____________ is more similar from one case to another than the problems each intervention is meant to solve.
  50. Relationship Enhancement programs provide training in all but one of the following
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