CEFS 601 Exam 3

CEFS 601 Exam 3 Liberty University

  1. Integrative couples therapy
  2. Systemicists usually assign rituals in the form of
  3. The major characteristic of strategic family therapy is that the therapist
  4. Which of the following is not characteristic of “psychosomatic families”?
  5. What the Milan systemicists call neutrality can best be thought of as
  6. Which of the following Milan techniques is a form of reframing?
  7. Communication theorists give greater credence to
  8. Structural therapists emphasize
  9. An enduring set of core beliefs and attitudes that organizes subsequent perceptions is known as
  10. In the original Milan format, the point at which the therapist leaves the consultation room to consult with colleagues is called
  11. Circular questioning is likely to
  12. A problem analysis
  13. Teaching a couple to touch and explore each other’s bodies and learn each other’s sensate areas is part of a sex therapy process called
  14. In disengaged families, boundaries are
  15. Hypotheses used by Milan systemicists are
  16. Which of the following does not represent Boscolo and Cecchin’s landmark paper on the role of a Milan therapist?
  17. Circular questioning may reveal
  18. A counterparadox is essentially a
  19. One of the primary objectives of structural interventions is for the psychosomatic family to achieve
  20. Today’s child management and parent training programs frequently deal with behavior therapists using ___principles
  21. Behavioral couple therapists sometimes have partners list desirable behaviors each wants from the other, as a demonstration of commitment to the relationship. These are what is to be exchanged as part of
  22. All communication takes place at two levels-the surface level of content and the level which qualifies what was said on the surface level. The second level is called
  23. Who took the position that symptoms are strategies for controlling a relationship when other strategies have failed?
  24. Meichenbaum’s work with distressed clients
  25. According to Aponte and Van Deusen, every family transaction makes a statement regarding
  26. Relabeling is an attempt to
  27. Haley believes every relationship contains within it an implicit struggle for
  28. In a stereotypical complementary interaction or relationship (best answer)
  29. Which of the following statements is true regarding structural family therapy?
  30. Contingency contracting, based on operant conditioning principles, is a behavioral procedure that has been shown to be useful in treating
  31. Uncovering the relationship between behavioral deficits and the client’s interpersonal environment is called
  32. Attempting to change the hierarchical arrangement between parents calls for
  33. Members of disengaged families run the risk of over-emphasizing
  34. Cognitive-behavioral family therapists gather data using three forms of clinical assessment:
  35. Functional family therapy attempts to bring about ______________ changes in individuals and their families.
  36. Diffused boundaries are
  37. Brief therapy advocates attempting to change a family system rather than helping the family make changes within the existing system. This objective calls for
  38. Adopting the symbols of a family’s life and deliberately using them in conversation with the family is the structural technique called
  39. One tactic employed by Minuchin in treating anorectics is to
  40. In the view of MRI family therapists
  41. For Milan therapeutic intervention, family therapy begins with
  42. By neutrality, the Milan therapist attempt to
  43. The MRI interactional approach is based upon
  44. “Prescribing the symptom” is a form of
  45. Cognitive therapists work at three related levels. Which is not one of these levels?
  46. A major characteristic of strategic therapy is
  47. According to Masters and Johnson, a primary reason of sexual dysfunction is
  48. Therapeutic contracts are
  49. The unique psychotherapeutic contributions of the behavioral approach is:
  50. Madanes contends that the basic tool of strategic therapists is
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