CCOU 305 Quiz 3

CCOU 305 Quiz 3: Sexual Brokenness and Sexual Dysfunctions

  1. The natural family planning method is most useful for:
  2. The process of learning ejaculatory control:
  3. When time is limited, a couple should
  4. Difficulty or inability to enter the woman’s vagina will inevitably lead to loss of what?
  5. Differing time needs are more about how much, rather than when.
  6. According to the text, sexual retraining is not usually combined with androgen, pharmaceutical, and/or nutritional therapies.
  7. If you are planning to control impregnation, who does the book state you should talk to discuss your plans with to determine the best methods.
  8. One cause of lack of satisfaction and decreasing sexual interest in women is the _______ that may set in because of mechanical and goal-oriented sexual activity.
  9. With premature ejaculation, the woman can become:
  10. The question of appropriateness can be thought of in terms of what?
  11. This situation causes difficulty because the woman is hesitant toward the lack of control experienced during climax
  12. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by
  13. Which apostle does the text mention as answering questions regarding sex for the people of the New Testament church in Corinth?
  14. A new bride and groom should move very quickly.
  15. When it comes to sex, differing time needs may revolve more around ________, rather than __________.
  16. The authors discuss that when they travel around, they often have couples fill out questionnaires of areas they would like to improve. According to the text, roughly how many people have pulled out questionnaires stating that time is one of the greatest areas of frustration in their sex life?
  17. Only one spouse has to commit to learning how to love their spouse again.
  18. A woman might lack desire because she does not feel emotionally connected to her husband.
  19. Which method is the least effective method of birth control?
  20. The authors of the text do not recommend affair-proofing your marriage if you are Christians who have a strong faith.
  21. Which type of man sees marriage as a goal, but does not continue to pursue his wife after marrying her.
  22. Which condition causes irritation and inflammation in the vaginal walls?
  23. In some situations both partners unconsciously collaborate to avoid what? Often this is not intentional, the couple just design their lives in a way that they are both overly involved.
  24. One of the most common thinking problems for a woman that inhibit her sexual response is that she does not have the right to sexual pleasure.
  25. A person’s resistance to sex is always a passive lack of interest.
  26. Sexual relationships can be affected by:
  27. Whenever a couple experiences _____ as a result of their marriage, it is likely that the feeling of live will drift away.
  28. Which step in resolving conflict encourages the spouse to experiment or try new things?
  29. If one spouse is absolutely not comfortable with a certain activity, the couple should
  30. Erectile dysfunction can be improved by:
  31. What comparison do the authors make when positions _ow naturally out of the couple’s enjoyment of being together?
  32. Which of the following can be a cause of vaginitis?
  33. Oral activity becomes clearly unnatural if one of the patterns is violated by it.
  34. Each spouse should discuss any ideas or concerns about the appropriateness of a certain sexual behavior or style.
  35. During sexual activity, the woman should:
  36. Intimacy, emotional and physical, should be specifically set aside for
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