CCOU 305 Quiz 4

CCOU 305 Quiz: Spirituality and Controversial Issues

Covers the Learn material from Module 7: Week 7 — Module 8: Week 8.

  1. The most prevalent form of sexual misconduct in the home is:
  2. Christian families do not struggle with pornography use.
  3. Which step involves prioritizing your relationship with God?
  4. God should be excluded from your sexual relationship.
  5. How does separating God from sex affect the relationship?
  6. How can you invite God into sex?
  7. What technique of building intimacy encourages staying physically fit?
  8. What technique of building intimacy allows for an increase in both quality and quantity?
  9. What technique of building intimacy discourages the idea of conquering or scoring?
  10. It is possible to improve one’s sexual relationship/response after many years of unrewarding sex.
  11. To improve your sexual relationship, you should begin with
  12. When improving your sexual relationship, one should take large steps toward the goal of improvement.
  13. Couples who are experiencing sexual difficulties should seek help from someone who is specifically trained in the area of sexuality.
  14. ________ can be beneficial, but should know when to refer their client to an expert.
  15. Treatment can vary with each couple and each challenge.
  16. If a woman is struggling with concentrating during sex, she should
  17. Men tend to express themselves verbally rather than physically.
  18. Sexual fulfillment
  19. In order to fully experience sexual fulfillment, one must view sexual pleasure as God- given.
  20. Sexual fulfillment involves
  21. According to the text, most sexual addictions begin early in life, usually between the ages of eight and fifteen, but this is not so with the Internet. The Internet is non age- selective.
  22. The authors of the text make the distinction that if you lack control over some sexual behavior, this does not necessarily mean that you are struggling with a sexual addition.
  23. The attitude of inviting God into the bedroom starts with ______?
  24. According to the text, where is the worst place to resolve issues in a marriage?
  25. Which of the following is identified regarding sexual problems and healing?
  26. The authors’ findings about differences in couples are that they are a negative rather than a positive.
  27. What is the key to keeping the spark alive in the life of marriage because it is the barometer of the state of your sexual relationship?
  28. What is identified as something the couple should write about in their individual reflections?
  29. Seeking treatment options from a Christian therapist is necessary to facilitate effective communication with someone who already shares the same faith.
  30. What is the first task identified by the counselor in most sex therapy practices?
  31. According to the text, ______ are have received a medical degree and specialize in psychiatry, therefore, they might not have specialized training nor the interest to work specifically in sex therapy.
  32. Most successful therapies gain experience while being tutored by an experienced and competent _
  33. At all times, the couple will be encouraged to share their feelings with each other as well as their helpers in an attempt to avoid any further
  34. Women seem to find their most natural expression in action.
  35. According to the text, what does the Bible not specifically talk about that we must make inferences about?
  36. Which of the following usually causes difficulties only when the spouse does not measure up to the past situation?
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