CCOU 301 Exam 1

CCOU 301 Exam 1 Liberty University Answers

  1. This type of attachment style characterizes a person who is comfortable getting close to others, but also feels comfortable being alone.
  2. Distancing from one’s spouse in disaffection includes
  3. In this stage of separation, a child shows signs of distress, anxiety, and even anger when the parent or caretaker leaves.
  4. Extroverts do not have to think to talk
  5. There are six types of child abuse. Which of the following types involves a child witnessing an escalating parental argument?
  6. Anger is the confluence of
  7. Which of the following triggers can elevate an emotion that has been stuffed?
  8. Marriage is God’s vehicle for expressing and enjoying sex.
  9. It is estimated that 2nd generation divorces are influenced by anger from their parent’s divorce in _______% of the cases.
  10. Genesis 2:24‐25 is God’s marital prescription to
  11. The Disorganized person
  12. Lisa says to Jake, “Honestly, I really think that we are better off as friends.” Internally, which of the following statements best describes Jake thought processes if he is an angry dependent?
  13. Barriers to listening include:
  14. Our core beliefs are developed by asking the following questions about self and others. Which one does NOT belong?
  15. The model of helping children to appropriately deal with their feelings is called
  16. Unresolved anger is sinful, but has no long‐term negative effects
  17. Which of the following are a part of the six messages of communication?
  18. Marriage is really a give‐and‐take relationship
  19. The non‐verbal component of our messages makes up what percentage?
  20. Philippians 4:8 challenges us to think on whatever is
  21. Marital intimacy includes safety to share one’s
  22. Which is not one of the Five Love Languages.
  23. A person who does not like sharing feelings with others would be categorized as which attachment style?
  24. In the context of relationship disputes, dissolution involves
  25. The Scriptures reveal that divorce is due to
  26. Human love is insufficient to make marriage work for a lifetime.
  27. Different learning styles require that we communicate to people in their own language. Which of the following are types of learning styles.
  28. According to the textbook, the underlying reason for why we do the things we do is known as
  29. Which of the following is NOT true about the Avoidant Attachment Style?
  30. Clinton and Sibcy discuss six steps toward calming your emotional storms. In this they explain that relationships can be a means of …
  31. The four ‘germs’ of relational trouble and anger include
  32. The sacred romance in Scripture is about God’s love to mankind.
  33. When we see our spouse negatively we tend to view them as
  34. Developing an empathic heart has little to do with marital reconciliation.
  35. The Five Love Languages are an example of love as an emotional need.
  36. Physiologically we can listen ____ times as fast as we can speak.
  37. These types of emotional reactions are typically denied or repressed.
  38. When Smalley talks about ‘treasure‐hunting’ he means
  39. Which of the following IS an appropriate way to teach children how to handle emotions?
  40. The Five Love Languages include:
  41. Which of the following is NOT an attachment style?
  42. Because of God’s image, men and women are more alike than they are different.
  43. Which statement best describes a person with a disorganized attachment style?
  44. God created men and women in the image of His physical self.
  45. Women have ____ % more brain connectors than men.
  46. The healthy expression of __________ can actually be a healing experience.
  47. According to Smalley, our perception of something influences us as much or more than the thing itself.
  48. Divorce was a concession by God for the hard‐heartedness of man and was granted through
  49. The ability to turn off thoughts, feelings, and even physical pain to move experiences to some other part of the consciousness is known as
  50. According to the textbook, how many touches, on average, do children need to feel per day from parents?
  51. Identify your attachment style by choosing one of the four styles presented in the book. You must explain why you chose this attachment style by using key terms and identifying major components of the chosen style.
  52. How does your identified attachment style (identified in question 1) influence your relationship with God?
  53. Clinton and Sibcy discuss six different types of child abuse. Identify and summarize four of the six types of abuse, utilizing 1–2 sentences per type. pp.109–111
  54. Describe one of the spiritual disciplines discussed in the book (Chapter 8), and explain how it can be applied to your life.
  55. John and Susan want to parent their children in a manner that fosters a secure relationship style. In your own words, briefly explain each of the four main goals of sensitive parenting.
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