BMAL 602 Quiz 4 Fundraising

BMAL 602 Quiz 4 Fundraising and Income Strategies

  1. This can be compared to a video that shows the flow of revenues and expenses of an organization, and the resulting changes in net assets over a period of time, generally a fiscal year.
  2. The __________ shows how every category of expense is allocated by a nonprofit.
  3. refers to the methods and systems by which financial transactions are recorded, either by hand or on a computer.
  4. Brandy’s organization has leased its office space. This type of budget item would be considered a(n):
  5. How do nonprofit organizations measure their success?
  6. Assessing ___________ requires evaluating whether the organization is financially strong or in jeopardy and looking at the liabilities as well as the revenue and expenses shown on the statement of activities.
  7. This provides a snapshot of the organization at a point in time, usually the end of a fiscal year.
  8. The principal of how an asset’s value declines over time is called:
  9. Robert made a large financial gift to the hospice that provided his wife with end-of-life care in gratitude for their service. Robert would be classified as a _______ type of donor.
  10. Two terms used to describe long-term and broad-based fundraising are:
  11. The concept of __________ states that individuals are driven by their nature to help others and improve the human condition.
  12. A business-supply company made a gift to a location nonprofit organization of free office supplies for one year. This type of gift is referred to as:
  13. Although philanthropy in some form is common around the world, organized fundraising and philanthropy on a massive scale are still primarily a(n) ___________ phenomenon.
  14. This is a statement in an individual’s will or living trust dictating that on his or her death, some amount or portion of his or her estate is to be given to a charitable organization.
  15. These types of foundations support their own programs and generally do not make grants to other organizations.
  16. According to Dunlop, these are gifts that individual donors make to meet some nonrecurring need of the organization.
  17. This is a contract that permits a for-profit company to use the nonprofit’s name or logo on its products in return for a royalty payment to the nonprofit.
  18. This is an arrangement under which the company contributes either a fixed amount for each sale of a product or a specified percentage of its sales of a product to the nonprofit, usually in connection with a short-term promotion.
  19. This is income from payment for goods or services that the nonprofit has provided.
  20. The watershed event for nonprofit–corporate partnerships came in 1983, when __________ supported renovation of the Statue of Liberty by offering to contribute a penny to the campaign each time a consumer used his or her credit card from this company.
  21. In _____________ nonprofits provide services and resources that corporations need for their business operations, but they also provide opportunities for companies to achieve a social benefit with resources that are outside their philanthropic or marketing budgets.
  22. ties the nonprofit’s income directly to the number or amount of total sales made by the corporate partner and thus represents a true partnership in which the interests of both partners are aligned.
  23. A financial corporate gift to a nonprofit organization made solely for the purpose of corporate social responsibility is making what type of a donation?
  24. Corporate sponsorships offer nonprofits the benefits of added revenue and ________ through the company’s promotion of the relationship.
  25. According to Young, a business venture is worth pursuing if:
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