BMAL 602 Quiz 3 Management

BMAL 602 Quiz 3 Management and Leadership in the Nonprofit

  1. According to Collins, this type of leadership exists when the leader has the power to simply make decisions.
  2. A board of directors is interviewing individuals for a CEO position of a nonprofit organization. The directors want to ensure the person they hire has the personality that matches the organization’s mission. The board members want to ensure:
  3. The type of leader that listens, empathizes with others, and focuses on relationships is a:
  4. Nonprofit CEOs spend the majority of the time on the external activity of:
  5. The responsibility mostly concerned with day-to-day operations, and with making things work, is called:
  6. An organizational leader who changes his leadership styles based on the particular circumstances of a situation is practicing:
  7. One of the benefits of strategic planning is that it helps build wide consensus and common understanding about mission, vision, values, goals, and strategies. That benefit is sacrificed if:
  8. Staff and volunteers are what part of a nonprofit’s capacity?
  9. The vision statement is:
  10. This identifies the characteristics, values, perceptions, expectations, and concerns of stakeholders, including clients or customers, donors, and relevant government officials.
  11. Marty is holding a meeting with his staff and volunteers to solicit their ideas for organizational improvement. Marty is applying which type of capacity as described by Letts?
  12. This is a technique used by business firms to determine it their various programs, products, and services are in line with their strategies and goals.
  13. Yankey and Willen would describe decreased government funding as a(an) _______ driver of collaboration.
  14. Each of the terms below refers to a type of nonprofit-corporation relationship except
  15. Forrer states a key characteristic of collaborations is that they:
  16. The C.O.R.E Continuum identifies relationships that affect organizations’:
  17. As the economy improves, probably returning ultimately to a higher level of prosperity, pressures for nonprofits to collaborate and merge:
  18. A proposed merger of two nonprofit organizations failed because senior leadership focused on self-interests. This proposed merger failed due to:
  19. La Piana Consulting defines a relationship between a nonprofit organizations and a public corporation that is simple and not permanent as a(an):
  20. Which assessment tool is meant to determine an organization’s success in accomplishing its mission, or program effectiveness?
  21. One disadvantage of SROI is that:
  22. Nonprofit managers should be committed to performance measurement but:
  23. The CEO of a nonprofit organization is conducting a study comparing the costs of conducting a fundraising program to the amount of funds raised. The CEO is conducting a(an):
  24. Many nonprofits have voluntarily adopted _____________
    provisions as a way to assure their donors that they are operating with high integrity, transparency, and sound governance.
  25. This concept was developed as a way for businesses to obtain a balanced perspective on performance by combining financial data with other considerations.
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